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Be very aware of FRAUD

I am worried are you?


We have to be vigilant.

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I am worried too.

Especially about DIEBOLD electronic voting machines, who can easily be hacked an leave no trace behind once the evil is done.

In 2008 there seemed to be a huge disconnect between results coming from precincts where diebold was used, and results coming from precincts where ballots where handcounted.

I really hope this time the Ron Paul people will be prepared for this.

If Ron Paul gets 7% again in New Hampshire, we KNOW something is not right. I think he was cheated last time too.

What I also found very strange last time, was the media "projecting" the winners all the time, after just 3% of the votes counted! How can they possible know the endresult if the overwhelming majority of votes has not be counted yet?

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud

"My wife and I actually signed a petition for Hillary Clinton," he said. "I am an Obama fan, but not in the primaries I wasn't."

The prospect that theirs are two of an estimated 150 signatures that may have been forged on the petitions has raised the question of whether President Obama actually reached the legitimate number of signatures needed to be placed on the ballot in Indiana. Under state law, presidential candidates need to file 500 signatures from each of the state's nine congressional districts. Indiana election officials say that in St. Joseph County, the Obama campaign qualified with 534 signatures; Clinton's camp had 704. The certified signatures were never challenged.