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Ron Paul Discusses Being Excluded at Jewish Forum with Jack Hunter

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Also, look at Jon Stewart's

Also, look at Jon Stewart's take on the RJC.

JR butt kissing

Six goyim at the Jewish Republican ass-kiss-off
Wanted to feed at the AIPAC cash trough
They took turns to speak,
Then puckered up, cheek to cheek
And after wiping their lips, they said "Mozel Tov!"
Charles Ulysses Feney

"This will all end with show trials and piano wire!"

Jack Hunter gives me the creeps

He's a great Ron Paul supporter, but he sure comes across smug! And if it turns me off as a huge Ron Paul supporter I'm sure it turns off the independents. Ron would do better to avoid interviews with Jack.

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Hi 22hr34min member, Hoos. . .

Jack H strikes you as . . . smug?

Well, to me he sounds & looks brilliant, logical and courageous. I hope Ron interviews with Jack MORE FREQUENTLY.

you are kidding right?

you are kidding right?

Ron Paul Truck

Moment of clarity on who excluded Paul from the debate

It's not the pro-Israel faction who excluded Dr. Paul, it is the people who profit from the Military-Industrial Complex. I don't think it's the host organization at all--it likely came from the Republican Party. I assume the Paul campaign lobbied them to reconsider and presented these very points to them. But it wasn't in their hands, it was the neo-cons who did this, not the Jews.

Ron Paul clearly is on the side of Israel's right to exist AND its right to defend itself without the consent of the U.S. There's no reason to exclude him from the debate except to try to muffle his pro-Israeli views using a cloud of suspicion. A very Rovian move, this was.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

People the world over are in

People the world over are in the same boat. Being "pro-Israel" after the manner of most neo-cons has nothing to do with supporting the Israelis, it's about supporting their government, which is as corrupt and duplicitous as our own government, and about the supporting the war-mongering, authoritarian agenda which the two corrupt government cooperate in promoting in the ME.

We have a problem in this country separating the people/society from the government, and we have the same problem vis a vis foreign policy. The language of foreign policy has always been such that nations are personified. "France chose...America was skeptical...Israel felt..." That helps reinforce the idea that the government and the people are interchangeable - they're not.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Sooner or later this will come up

I've been hesitant to post this comment for fear of alienating pro-Israel voters, but sooner or later it will come up.

1) Arguing that aid undercuts Israel's sovereignty will simply not stand up to analysis. The Israelis are not forced to take aid. They can decline the aid at anytime. If they thought it harmed them, they would. Nothing is stopping them from saying "keep you're money. We would rather have our sovereignty." Sooner or later, this will come up.

2) The 3 billion a year in assistance is minor compared to the various sweetheart deals Israel gets, such as preferential bids on Israeli weapons to subsidize their arms industry, facilitating imports from all companies that subcontract to Israel, etc

3) Diplomatic support is essential. Israel counts on US diplomatic heft. Without it, it is unlikely they would attack Gaza/Lebanon with anything like the ferocity they've shown. Blockading Gaza and boarding aid convoys would be much costlier for Israel to do without the US shielding them from international anger. It is much easier for Israel if they US bears the costs of these things.

4) Aid given to Arab countries is designed to influence their policies to be more favorable towards Israel. For example, Egypt was (still is, actually) a willing participant in the Gaza blockade because of the US aid. Without it, Egypt's government would never countenance such a policy that is enormously unpopular domestically. Ron Paul is correct in saying that can't go on forever. But it can go on a long time and that's what Israel wants.

5) Perhaps the most important US policy that works for Israel is the implacable hostility the US maintains towards Israel's foes. Sanctioning Iran, threatening war, conducting a covert war of sabotage and assassinations would be essential for Israel. Were the US to lift all sanctions now, foreign investment would flood Iran with it's oil, gas, other natural resources, an educated and sophisticated population, numerous top notch institutes of higher learning, etc. It would become the strongest economy in the middle east in no time.

***NONE*** of these policies are in the US interest. But it's hard to argue that they are not in Israel's interests.

I decided to write this post because eventually, it's going to come up. Not so much now when Ron Paul is still being ignored (somewhat) but when eventually it becomes a two man race between him and Romney, and certainly when he has to Debate Obama, it's going to come up. And talking about protecting Israel's sovereignty will not cut it once under scrutiny.

Sooner or later, Ron Paul will either

A) be forced to say "I wish Israel well, but our interests and theirs are not the same, and I have to protect American interests first." or

B) Back down on his commitment to cut aid to Israel.

While I will support him either way, I hope he does the former.

Full Disclosure: I'm of Egyptian decent.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

1 So if I send you a million

1 So if I send you a million dollars to not hate then you will decline it?

2 So if I am a gun manufacture and offer you 30% off then you will decline my million dollars?

3 So without big brother, Israel would be less likely to plow Muslim homes in Gaza and put innocent settlers out in the cold?

4 Aid given to Arab countries only evens the playing field and promotes conflict because we are giving both sides ammunition's!

5. Got entanglement?

A) Ron knows it is not about support or non-support, it is precisely about the US policy to destabilize the middle east, in order to gain control over the regions.

B) With the amount of nuclear weapons Israel now owns (enough to fuk up the world, thanks to our sponsoring) do you really think they needed a endless stream of money from a country the is BROKE!!?

I tell you what, buy me a loaf of bread when your ATM tells you declined, because that is exactly where we are!

Full Disclosure: I am human.

I'm not sure if I made myself

I'm not sure if I made myself clear in my first post. To simplify:

It is current US policy to ensure that Israel is the dominant and unchallenged power in the middle east. The US does this by financial aid to Israel, by giving them access to US technology, by using US political and diplomatic power to ensure other countries (not just Arab countries, but all countries) are friendly. And by trying to prevent the emergence of another powerful competitor in the region (Iran)

It also pays Arab governments to keep their populations in check.

For the US these policies are costly and harmful. They will become more costly as our ability to pay for them declines. But what Ron Paul is trying to do at the moment is pretend that Israel doesn't really benefit from these policies. It is like arguing that banks don't really benefit from bailouts.

Sooner or later, Ron Paul will be challenged on this and will have to either say that he will do what's best for America and not Israel (which is WHAT EVERY PRESIDENT SHOULD DO) or he will have to back down.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

Ron knows what transition means better then anyone.

But you can not transition from anything unless you first throw it out on the table.

I have never known Ron to back down or pretend. I mean just look at the issues with the Federal Reserve. Most of us are in awe that he stood his ground for so long.

If Ron did not speak of uncomfortable truths, neither you or I would be here supporting him.

Ron's philosophy of leading by example is a principle this country was established on but is one that the US lost sight of a long time ago.

I agree with Ron in that we can change attitudes more by friendly relations, then by the false manipulation of money and bullets.

It's not just the middle east, it's across the board, Ron wants people everywhere to change the way they look at each other.

He truly will be "The Peace President."

Barack and the zionists

It's obvious that Obama has a problem with Israel because of what he was caught saying about Netanyahu with Sarkozy, the French leader. Barack is doing every thing in his power to bow down to the zionists so he can get their campaign money. If he were to win re-election and become a lame duck president, you might see the most hostile president to Israel ever.

Since the Republican Jewish Coalition is treating Ron Paul like this, I just might have to vote for Barack if it's not Ron Paul as the republican candidate.

It's funny how you equate

It's funny how you equate Netanayahu as "Israel"...

Obama has a problem with an individual called Netanyahu... I'm pretty sure the people that live in Israel have no relationship or involvement with Obama at all.

He is so awesome

I shake my head everytime I watch this great man speak. I shake it in disgust, yes you heard me in disgust. Disgusted that my fellow Americans do not have the brains to realize how fortunate they would be to have Dr Paul as their president.

"The trouble is, humans do

"The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them." -- Albus Dumbledore, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Dumb move to exclude him.

Why position your group as completely incompatible with the practice, much less the discussion of individual liberty, following the Constitution, ending foreign welfare, etc.? These are Republicans that can't stand to listen to these ideas? WTF?
They will find themselves on the wrong side of history soon.

That was fun

It was nice to see the good doctor having 20 mph slow pitches lobbed at him that he could hit outta the park. A nice, relaxed review of his sane approach to foreign policy. Definitely a good one to pass along to undecideds : )

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Nice to see Ron Paul smiling at the end of this!

My wife noticed the same thing. It has got to be tough on him, but he keeps plugging away.

...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
2 Cor. 3:17

that analogy rocked

so true...bout damn time Paul got some cake instead of dog sheet.

Interesting thing...

...is that Ron Paul was excluded from the Jewish Forum not for his positions on Israeli national security, but instead for his positions on U.S. Banking policy and the Fed. Keep in mind who most of the Banking and Fed executives are in the U.S. and for that matter Europe too. The exclusion was for banking, not for Israel.

Can you provide a link or

Can you provide a link or citation to this?

How did a foreign power gain

How did a foreign power gain this amount of influence on our political process? When did a favorable view of a foreign power become a prerequisite for the presidency?

It's all about OPEC

The dollar is pegged to OPEC and Israel is America's strategic scarecrow in the middle east.

If OPEC didn't peg its oil to the dollar, the dollar wouldn't be the world's reserve currency. Period.

That's why Russia and China are now competing with America to create a new oil cartel in the Middle East that is pegged to their currencies and not the dollar. Iran seems to be their Saudi Arabia.

This should be sent to the

This should be sent to the Jewish Coalition that excluded him from their forum.

I'm willing to bet they already know

and thats why he wasn't invited. God forbid he should point out that the US gives more money to their enemies. That would get everyone wondering just what the hell we are doing over there.

They would not want the Jewish voters to know which candidate is really supporting Isreal.

They don't know what happened

They don't know what happened in '81.

I think

We need to remember just like we are not in control of our country at this time, They are not in control either, It is a small group of people who are running everything and it is not shock to me that they would try to induce fighting amongst every group of people they can.

When we fight we are weak. Now is the time to Unite.

I agree with most..

of what you said here - emphatically. The one thing I don't agree with is that we are weak when we fight. I think if we back down from the fight, we're asking for more of what we have at an accelerated pace.

I truly believe we can unite and fight together to save our country, her people, our civil liberties and our economy. By fight, I'm talking about exposing crooks, banksters, and these other republicrats who are destroying our lives.

It is a great reminder to people that it is a very small group of people who are running the show yet hiring masses of cronies to do their dirty work. We are taking the power back by supporting liberty and Dr. Paul in his run to support the people by limiting the reach of the federal government. That is very powerful.


Why must we all stoop and bow in front of the Jewish state? What is the Jewish population in this country- 2% max?

I don't really care what Israel does over in its own neighborhood, but I'm sick of it being treated like the 51st state. Glenn Beck and many of these open Zionists should go move there and start fighting the caliphate and the 12th imam- the damn conspiracy theorists...

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