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Any Web Developers at the DP?

I have been a member of the DP since it was created. I am amazed at how this site has grown.

Last week I posted an Classified AD on craigslist for a student to help me develop a web site and got so many responses I could not sift through them all. I was overwhelmed.

I woke up this morning thinking about narrowing down the field of candidates. While drinking my cup of joe..... cruising through the DP I thought; why not post on the DP? There must be some web geeks here, right?

I am a waterproofer. I have an immense amount of knowledge in this area of expertise and would like to develop an educational web site targeting consumers across the entire U.S. and beyond. My idea is to teach a consumer how to complete an intense inspection of their foundation, tailored to their foundation type... a virtual estimate so to say. This will empower the consumer to compile a scope of work...labor and material so the consumer can understand their leaky basement.

You see..... The waterproofing industry has suffered from the sleeze factor. There are too many companies sending professional salesman to the consumers' home armed with all the usual high pressure sign now urgency tactics you can imagine. Many waterproofers offer a lifetime warranty only to be out of business a year or two down the road, so a lifetime warranty is not much good. It is best for a consumer to know for sure their system is designed to perform for a lifetime.

If there are any students of web development, or web developers on the DP, we need to talk. I'd rather work with someone with principles and integrity since I believe most on the DP support Ron because of his integrity. That is why I'm here.

Hope to hear from fellow DPers soon.


njstoll at yahoo dot com

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