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Would you like to help Ron Paul win Iowa? - Operation Stump for Paul in Iowa

Dear Ron Paul Supporter,

Even though you don't live in Iowa you can play a crucial role in helping Ron Paul win the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus on January 3.

I'm asking you to consider giving a 1 or 2-minute speech at one of the local precinct caucus meetings on the evening of January 3rd telling people why you like Ron Paul and why Iowans should vote for him.

Iowa law allows anyone, from any state, to give a speech at these local precinct caucus meetings. You can give a speech, but, of course, you may not vote. There are a total of 1784 precincts in Iowa, and our goal is to have a Ron Paul supporter at each of the precinct caucuses giving a 1 or 2-minute speech.

Perhaps you are hesitating.

Perhaps you think that just giving a short speech wouldn't help Ron Paul.

Here are just two examples of how important these stump speeches are. In one meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 2008, Ron Paul went from likely getting 12% of the vote to actually getting 40% of the vote after a supporter gave a great 2-minute speech. In another meeting in Jefferson County, Iowa, Ron Paul got 82% of the vote after local Ron Paul speech contest winners delivered their powerful stump speeches.


Please consider helping Ron Paul win Iowa.

We need you.

Go here for examples of 1 and 2-minute Ron Paul stump speeches

http://youtu.be/OtXNJb55ZlQ -- you are welcome to enter our Stump for Paul in Iowa YouTube Video Speech Contest as well.

Jun Dam

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I haven't seen anyone post a link to WHERE you are supposed to go.

I got the Revolution PAC e-mail on this and they didn't even list the caucus locations (you're slacking guys). They suggested you ask around when you get to Iowa. Really? Here's a site which shows you in detail where they are:


Contact: Jun