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eOne stolen Alex Jone's documentary then blocked it worldwide on YouTube

Brian Hill is becoming a prophet. He warned people months ago that copyrights would be used to destroy Alex Jones and the truth movement but people wouldn't listen and went to their propaganda teachings of "Oh I have to respect and protect intellectual property" and now these copyright enforcers are stealing Alex Jone's documentaries copyrights through Content ID then getting YouTube to block them.

I enjoy posting each one of his predictions coming true of the Righthaven/RIAA/MPAA/EONE copyright war against the truth movement.

Check this out: http://uswgo.com/the-copyright-war-alex-jones-documentary-en...

This is what he posted:

I warned people months ago since I got sued that copyright wars were being waged against the truth movement and now here is the fruit of their globalist scummy labors. Truth videos being shot down right and left.

Mods you should pin this and Alex Jones needs to investigate this immediately.

My Endgame upload the entire full length feature documentary Endgame copyright no longer belongs to Alex Jones but to eOne and now his documentary is being blocked worldwide except the United States.

Did Alex Jones sell copyrights to his documentaries or did they steal them from Alex Jones in order to block his videos worldwide? If he still owns the copyrights to his documentaries then somebody has stolen his documentaries to block them so that the masses stays stupid.

If Alex Jones didn't authorize transfer of copyright of his documentaries then he needs to sue eOne and UMG in germany. If he doesn't the courts will side with the RIAA and block Endgame forever.

Alex Jones was kinds enough to let his get the truth out and the globalists and the MPAA/RIAA and their subordinates repays him by blocking his documentaries.

I haven't notified ChangeDaChannel yet that his videos may be blocked worldwide too!

I am also sending these screenshots from an article I am writing right now and sending to the American Free Press and ActivistPost.

Here's the screenshots to prove it! From my own Effin YouTube channel.


This is a small portion from EndGame: A Blueprint to global enslavement of Jeremy at the brookstreet hotel telling Alex Jones camera crew what Fascism is. This video is blocked worldwide by the World Intellectual Property Organization except in the United states since Alex Jones would likely fight back against WIPO.

Here's the next screenshot.


I uploaded this whenever I been gagged during settlement negotiations I uploaded Endgame to fight back against RH and the Bilderberg Group.

The entire ENDGAME full length featured film has been blocked worldwide except the United States.

This is from my own channel and I have not yet disputed the copyright claims until I contact Alex Jone's producer via his backoffice number. I also haven't contacted ChangeDaChannel to confirm this yet.

Alex Jones - America Destroyed by Design (1998) is also copyrighted by a German entity.

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Someone needs to get Alex Jones on board with this

question is, does he know this is going on. BenAcel this is very important information, and I am grateful you found it. We cannot afford the internet to be silenced, it is our greatest weapon. Please be sure to contact Infowars about this. Great find, keep up the great work and keep us posted on how this goes. I would even suggest calling them on the phone at Infowars if there is a way to get their number.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!