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Does America know what America is doing for Ron Paul?

Are the presstitutes in the main street media allowed to comment on the way that Americans, themselves, in a highly organized and efficient manner, are going about sending Ron Paul informational brochures to every so-called, "Super-Voter", in America?

Would they DARE report THAT to Americans on their nightly propaganda shows?

That Ron Paul everyday Americans have donated nearly 20 MILLION DOLLARS to the good doctor's campaign and they are JUST GETTING STARTED!

Considered, by some, to be, "down for the count", America is now, somehow, struggling to stand on her feet and rise up AGAINST the CORRUPTION that is prevalent in every part of her government?

Americans see a Ron Paul Presidency as a return to the values they "thought" they maintained all along but had, somehow, had them stolen from them by an entity that was not aligned with their continued prosperity and freedom.

The answer to the question is no, they won't report it. The pimps who control that information won't generously allow it.

You won't hear that from them.

Want the good news? They are now irrelevent. Discredited and shamed, they fight on selling sex, lies, and videotape.

Social media is more trusting, more truthful. Look it up.

America wants Ron Paul. Accept no substitute!

Ron Paul

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