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RP Ad is Extreme - Conan

Check out Conan's piece on RP's new ad. Apparently, he doesn't think highly of it. He is casting it as extreme and that RP would cut up America:


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The part with the rusty pipe

for every american made me laugh so hard milk came outta my nose

Semper Fortis

Why not eliminate the

Why not eliminate the Department of Health and Human Services? I thought that actually made sense. Roads, bridges, gravity -- GONE! Help, I am floating in space because Ron Paul was elected president and he abolished gravity!

Drain the swamp!

That was hilarious.

That's actually how I feel! Nice bonus vid for Ron, sort of.

I'm a huge Ron Paul supporter

I'm a huge Ron Paul supporter and I think this was funny.

And all of you "complainers" need to toughen up and start acting like a "big dog" and not little "shih Tzu" who gets easily offended by a comedians joke.

If you can't handle Conan's joke, then how will you handle Obama's attack ads when it's Paul vs. Obama?

Grow a pair folks!


and to be called the only candidate with a sack! Haha

I'm as much of a RP supporter

I'm as much of a RP supporter as any of us here, but I even laughed at that. As someone said in the comments on that article, this is the absolute best that anyone can do as far as attacking RP. They can try to make fun of things like his ads, but not much else.

In the long run, this little spoof was seen by millions of people. I'm sure a good amount of those viewers were probably a little curious after watching it and actually went online to learn more about RP.

Kinda glad he got scr#*@ed by

Kinda glad he got scr#*@ed by NBC now.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


took a cheap shot last night, indicating ron paul dropped his teeth (after he made a plausible, but humorous comment about another candidate).

and charlie rose had todd (somebody) on last night...completely glossing over paul....he mentioned his name ONCE, in a list.....and numerous times left him out of the conversation when discussing ranking/polls/movements etc....as if he didn't exist.

yeah, i know charlie is CFR, but Conan? Letterman?....the directives from the Top must be strong and influential....its coming from all fronts, folks.

we must be making them nervous.


I thought it was pretty funny. People need to relax.

I think Conan would love to have RP on the show. It's a win win! :)

Conan who? He's a washed up

Conan who? He's a washed up hack. He is not funny. He was never funny. Nobody gives a rat's ass about what Conan O'brien thinks.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

It's actually pretty damn funny.

However, Conan may have broken the law by placing the "I'm Ron Paul and I approved this ad" at the end. By the way, Conan did show the original ad, which is great free publicity.

Maybe Conan can make amends by inviting Ron Paul on the program.

I noticed that too!

I think Conan DID break the law!

I wish he showed the original ad in totality. He just showed a short piece. And in all fairness, Ron Paul's ad was much better and "extreme" than Conan's. They should air RP's ad on Spike TV. It's ALL killer and no filler.

Conan could have stepped up

and shown some backbone like the writers at SNL did when they made fun of every single GOP candidate BUT Ron Paul ("he's tough as nails and keeps on coming").

Or Jon Stewart, who did a whole segment on Ron Paul being ignored.

But no, Conan is a spineless piece of crap bowing to his Masters like Jay Leno (who just recently listed every single GOP candidate EXCEPT Ron Paul.)

hahahaha cheap laughs. He who laughs last laughs best.

I thought it was very funny

I thought it was very funny. It was extreme enough that no one should take it seriously

Holy crap

Conan is awesome. Now people associate Ron Paul with the Hulk.

truth liberate

All I have to say is "no

All I have to say is "no press is bad press" at this point. We need to get the message out there in a big way and this doesn't exactly hurt as much as it might help. Most people aren't going to understand the blatant stab at libertarianism with the rusty pipe comment anyways AND he did just show some of Ron Paul's commercial to millions of people probably for free, after all.


Aren't us Irish supposed to be one of the greatest cultures of understanding the importance of freedom? Many do not realize the Irish were slaves not only in England but prior to the Africans in the Caribbean. I think we do..I also find that the Irish are some of the most pro-liberty minded people on the globe and always capable of a discussion on reason. Cafferty is Irish and Hannity seems to get it but has to put on an act for his paycheck...also Kennedy was one of the few who understand that censorship and a quick reaction that resulted in war was inherently dangerous not on to the U.S. but the entire world.
That is why one of his favorite novels was, "The Guns of August"..

Didn't look like he was

anti-Ron Paul to me or that he though it was too extreme.

It looked like just a way to do some comedy.

Don't be so paranoid.


I saw it last night and was a little critical toward the end, but I still thought it was funny. He is a comedian after all, thats kinda the point. Plus, these guys have a whole room full of writers making these jokes, so I wouldn't put too much heat on Conan, even though he's the one who said it. Every other presidential candidate gets ripped to shreds every night by the late-night shows, so this is just part of being a big dog:)

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

I thought it was very funny - hey, what can I say?

I like this kind of humor. It was fairly creative. Now that everyone has been forced to admit he's a frontrunner, this is only the beginning...more comedy ahead.

I thought so too! :)

I even kind of thought RP's add was kinda out there with this one, and it kind of does have that kookiness too it so who cares! Conan did his Job...

His RP ad

was awesome until the false conclusions at the end.

It seems that's the way they are attacking him; coming to false conclusions and hyping them as actuality.

We don't have to rely on false conclusions of other candidates to fight this fight, and that is one reason why we are gaining so much ground.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Yeah they are promoting a twisted view of our

candidate, who is already poorly understood due to lack of exposure.

Maybe it's funny but at what expense, politically?

I think the Big Dog ad was a mistake; it opens us up to unnecessary criticism and misunderstanding like this.

That was good for us

Even though Conan is obviously a statist and was trying to be humorously critical of Ron Paul, he played the new ad to an audience of millions. That ad was designed to rock the boat and get broad exposure, so I thank Conan for this... but he is clearly no friend of liberty.



"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

It hurts.. oh it hurts...

That was utterly hilarious. Monumental spoof.
Foaming at the mouth.. skrillion oh.. it hurts..

Sure it'll reinforce some delusions. Its so funny it can't not go viral. Long run though, don't think it'll be too negative. Just another step in the debate change.

Here's a youtube

He went to Harvard.

As Gerald Celente would say, nuff said. They tend to graduate status-quo statists.

I thought it was hilarious...

Conan's demographic are RP's demographic. So most probably viewed it as tongue and cheek, as I did. Probably did more good than harm, honestly.

How can you claim that

it comes off as tongue and cheek when he's clearly insinuating that Ron Paul's ideas would leave us fending for ourselves, helpless, and incapable of thinking or acting on our own? If not for our wise overlords the Ron Paul's of the world would have us go back to eye for an eye degeneracy?

The implication is that we need technocrats to order us around from above else we eat each others' brains.

Conan failed. This was not funny. This shows him to be a puppet of the establishment. Or at least he's incapable of thinking for himself.

This is the future of our country and what's left of our Constitution that we're talking about, so no, comedy doesn't excuse misinforming the public through blatant ignorance.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson


I'm guessing a good percentage of Conan fans are Ron Paul fans. I don't think this does anything to hurt Ron. I thought it was pretty damn funny. Conan is definitely a statist, but I still like him.