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VIDEO: Conan O'Brien makes fun of Ron Paul's "Big Dog" ad!


Let's show Conan how much we dislike them trying to demonize Ron Paul. Dislike!

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Conan has sharp satire!

Conan has sharp satire! Always has! This was awesome! I think the original ad is pretty strange, so the satire is very funny to me.

Not terrible

The ad really wasn't RP personality anyway.

I have to agree...

It was funny and it makes Ron look like a tough guy.. which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Remember, they don't make fun of those who aren't relevant.


Actually, cutting a skrillion dollars out of the budget just might do the trick. Knucklehead Conan may just have given the campaign a new buzzword...

RP: So, Ben, how much will you need to send to your friends in Europe for the next round of QE?

BB: Only a little over one skrillion dollars.

RP: Thank you for your honesty. I was concerned you were going to say, something like, 2 or 3 skrillion dollars.

BB: [cough cough]


I think it is pretty funny! It is ok to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Love it... that was FUNNY!

All press is good press... I'll take it.

Toughen up that skin... that is just a tap on the shoulder and as taps go... laugh along with it.

Indeed, I am still laughing.


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