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CBS News 60 Minutes: Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes"

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Why This Is Important

Dr. Ron Paul represents universal Liberty, we all know that. It is about time that the world hears that message. The mainstream media rarely talks about Dr. Paul and when they do, they brush him off as a "non-factor" candidate. Despite coming in a very close second at the Ames Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul has been conspicuously absent from much of the media coverage.

In order to get Ron Paul the media coverage he deserves, we all as supporters should fight to get him on the most watched News Show on cable television; "60 Minutes". I urge all Ron Paul Supporters to sign this petition; with an overwhelming amount of signatures, "60 Minutes" will have no choice but to dedicate an episode to the much deserving Dr. Ron Paul!

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Yes, he should be on 60

Yes, he should be on 60 Minutes, and yes, they would perform a hatchet job, so Ron should be prepped by the best people in the business, no expenses spared. Keep Benton far, far away from Ron.