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Ron Paul returns to Rochester

ROCHESTER — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who spoke to a large crowd at the Governor's Inn in mid-November, was invited back to the city last Thursday by the Kaczynski family to address a crowd of around 50 house party guests at their home on Whitehall Road.

"I missed him at the Governor's Inn, and my wife really likes him," said Tom Kaczynski, explaining why he had organized the 45-minute afternoon event.

Earlier in the day, Paul had addressed the Rotary Club of Portsmouth (as reported in “Foster's Daily Democrat,” Dec. 2) and in Rochester he reiterated his deficit-reducing theme, but not until Kasia Sokalla, a Polish immigrant, had opened the event with an inspired rendition of “God Bless America.”

Paul started out by saying his campaign was holding its own, thanks to loyal supporters.

"The freedom philosophy has accelerated in the last four years. People recognize that our wealth has been based on debt, and you can't get out of debt by creating more debt. Printing more money is just pumping up the bubble, and it's coming to an end," said Paul.