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The only way we're going to finish off the Iowa Independent list...

...is the old fashioned way. Get on the horn and start calling your friends & fellow Ron Paul supporters, and meetup group acquaintances.

Call three friends, and don't let them go until they agree to buy a precinct. Start breathing heavy into the phone. Let them know how important it is we win Iowa!

Win Iowa by Winning Iowa Independents!

The brochure guys have done everything on their end to make it possible. I'm doing everything I can to promote it here on the Daily Paul. Still, we're only 25% of the way.

Once the Iowa independent list is done, we can move on to New Hampshire. The sooner we get it done, the sooner we can move on. Resources are limited, and they are tight.

We've done what we can. The rest is up to you. Please help us make it happen.

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Thanks Michael.

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