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National Guard Virginia Stands Behind Oath Keeper. A must read

A friend just posted this:

"OUTSTANDING!! I just left my neighbor's house. Devon is with the National Guard for this area. He just got home from an EDRE (Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise) at the armory. He said that during the exercise, three companies of infantry were polled by questionnaire about the drill and it's purpose. One of the questions was, will you as a member of the National Guard use lethal force against the American public if ordered to do so?

One of the men stepped forward and refused to take the poll and explained that it was a moral judgement on his part and that he could not do so. He then placed his weapon on the ground and fell in behind the formation.

Devon said it was like a waterfall! Every member laid their weapons on the deck and fell in beside the one lone specialist. This included ALL NCO's, STAFF NCO's and SENIOR NCO's. The only people left in front of the original formation was 3 Capt's. 2 Lt's and the BN Commander who was so upset he started having chest pains from yelling and screaming about court martials and disbandment of the unit into other units.

Devon is a Mstr. Sgt and he went with his troops and told them that he could not be prouder of any of them. He was floating while he was telling me this. Maybe we have more than just hope on our side"

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The latest update is found here:

Read the last comment:

The military arrested the lone specialist, placed him in county jail, then 2 hours later released him.

It is still unconfirmed & likely will never be confirmed.

The military does not want this story to ever reach the light of day... I believe this is why they released him after only 2 hours.


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I'm still wanting to know

if this has been verified or is hearsay. Anyone?

News like this thrills me,

News like this thrills me, along with seeing the financial support that Ron gets from Active Duty and Veterans (I'm former USAF). When I'm able to attend local Liberty Straight Up meetings, I give Oath Keeper presentations reminding those in attendance that all laws are impotent without enforcement, and encourage any Active Duty, Veterans, and Law Enforcement to join up and keep their oath to the Constitution.

That would have been awesome

That would have been awesome to see.

Are they trying to see if they'll need U.N. forces

to do the dirty work?

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Yep and those robin-egg blue

Yep and those robin-egg blue helmets will stand out quite well...


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Revolutions are won by "pulling" not pushing

Pulling.....means to win over {ideology} the opposition to your side. This includes cops military and others in position of authority until the corrupt institutions collapse.


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soldier arrested for not agreeing to kill Americans

see the continuation of this story here on Daily Paul http://www.dailypaul.com/191585/national-guard-soldier-arres...

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Verification needed first !!

If true, how can they charge him for defending his oath
to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I just sent it to the Judge with a disclaimer.

Hopefully he'll have someone check it out and if it's above board then maybe he'll report on it.

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I view this as a litmus test...

and the paper strip is turning the wrong color for "their" liking. Should Martial Law be declared and the dissidents rounded-up, American soldiers WILL NOT BE USED! I believe that Homeland Security will "hire" the Chilean Army or something like that...You cannot expect some 23 year old American kid to stand guard outside the fence while American "detainees" are begging and pleading in English. A foreign soldier from some 3rd world shithole that doesn't speak English isn't gonna give a damn about your begging and pleading. Again, I hope I'm wrong on this...but the US has hosted military exercises for several other countries during the last several years.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

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I've "heard" that Canadian or

I've "heard" that Canadian or Mexican troops might be called upon... (NAFTA, ya know...)

Susie 4 Liberty

Too bad the "soldiers" directing the drone strikes on Americans

don't have the same moral standards as some members of that VA NG unit.

I thought that was a CIA

I thought that was a CIA thing? Is the militaary also doing this?

I'm not surprised at all I

I'm not surprised at all I had only heard of the CIA part though.

25% Of Marines Would Shoot Americans

100% Of Oath Keepers Would Shoot Them Back:


This story was broken by an Oathkeeper:




As a retired MSG, I agree.

As a retired MSG, I agree. The United States military does not exist to use lethal force against the American people. We exist to protect the American people against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Maybe this BN Cmdr, the captains and the platoon leaders need to re-read the oath they took to the Constitution. Our military is not a mercenary force at the disposal of politicians to use against the people. These officers also need to understand what constitutes an illegal order.

as a retired CW3

From the guard, this is awesome.

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here's the problem...

how many guard units were polled until one, or two, of them said yes, we will shoot Americans!

i find it distressing that the american "gov't" is now polling guard untis to see which ones they can count on to kill Americans

i hope all of them have the courage of this fine unit but, i am scared that one egotistical, maniacal BN Commander somewhere will have butt boys among his troops that will fire

that will be a hanging offense!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

Didn't our troops shoot their superiors during the Vietnam...

...conflict? It would make sense for the military to poll now, so they don't have a repeat of what happened back then.

That is why the federal government will use the citizenry to shoot their fellow citizens, according to the Treasury Department's "Strategic Plan When The Dollar Collapses". The federal government will give federal authority to all local law enforcement, who in turn will "deputize" citizens to shoot and kill their fellow citizens who violate federal laws. The National Guard and military will be used for security reasons; such as guarding and monitoring necessities like food, medicine, gasoline, etc,. The killing though, will be done by ordinary citizens who will be willing to kill their fellow Americans for the federal government, in order to receive food and other necessities for themselves and their families.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

I believe there was some fragging of officers,

but I don't know if they were superiors.

Unconfirmed Report

This is Jay Stang of Oath Keepers. We are attempting to verify the report. As of now, it is still unconfirmed. It is exciting, but we are not publishing it as gospel yet, until we can confirm the details.

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I would like to be posted if you do confirm this report. I manage the websites for two local armories here in WV...


Check out http://www.oathkeepers.org for updates.

These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others."

--Groucho Marx

Jay if you get back here I

Jay if you get back here I have a question. Not being a cop or soldier but being a fan of oathkeepers since it's beginning I always wonder how your message is being received and making progress among police and military? I'm especially interested in the police. Is it making progress?

Oath Keepers Reception by Police and Military


There are still a lot of police officers, sheriff's deputies, FBI agents and servicemen that haven't heard of us. The ones that have either hear about us from their friends or are briefed about us. If they are briefed from their command, we are anti government dangerous people. Membership is not outlawed, but heavily frowned upon and discouraged. If you are an open member, the command will look at you distrustfully.

Most of our military members are not dues paying official members, which is fine. The military as a whole does not know how many OK members are active duty, and we kind of like it that way...

These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others."

--Groucho Marx

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