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The Real Reason Newt is polling High?

I came across this article while searching for information about the recent polling numbers.


"A deeper look inside the polling numbers reveal the secret weapon behind Gingrich's meteoric rise — old people love Newt.

According to a PPP analysis of Iowa's Republican caucus-goers, "Gingrich's rise to the top is being fueled by strong support from seniors..." Among voters over 65, Gingrich polls at 37% support, leading Romney's 18% and Ron Paul's 11%."

I am going to propose a hypothesis here. A good chunk of Old people may be more likely to stay at home and not go to Gop meetings etc. I propose that we consider this carefully.

1. Older folks are less likely to be internet savy.

2. They will either get there information from the media or a DIRECT ENCOUNTER with a person.

Given these two factors, I would encourage Ron Paul supporters to target Senior Neighborhoods and Senior Centers. Perhaps we could remind others to talk to their older Family members as well.

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give me a break. the only

give me a break. the only thing old that is attracted to newt is fake polling. polls are more manipulated and fake than the fed.

Polls are deceiving yes, but....

The media can also manipulate polls. My concern is with older people getting their news from the msm. At this point I do not believe the polls are completely fabricated. I feel that they atleast indicate the age gap between supporters and non-supporters. If we look at statistics of the age of internet users we can find a correlation between Ron Paul's age of likely voters and the age of internet users. Is it a coincidence that one of Newt's greatest percentage of likely voters correlates with the statistical age of adults who are less likely to use the internet?


old people should KNOW what a crook newt is.

Great suggestion. Lets reach out.

Unbelievably, I never knew

Unbelievably, I never knew about Newt until I asked about him, here here. He had had a huge telephone campaign way before he announced, about how he was striving to do what seemed to be VERY conservative things, at the time. I was so convinced I sent him $25. THEN I found out what was really going on and who he was. I found out here. I think WE are the ones who need to go to nursing homes with a brochure AND folded within, a Newt fact-sheet about how he was drummed out of Congress for ethics violations.

Veteran Video

I wish more seniors could see that video where the two old veterans talk about Ron.

Phone From Home Program

Good point. That's another reason the Phone From Home program is so great. Seniors are also likely to still have land lines, and they love to chat with anyone.

Your right on target

with you recommendation to hit Senior Citizens apartment complexes and Senior Citizens Centers.

Yesterday, I sent several e-mails to my "older" friends, and received such a great response. All of them asking what else they can do to get his name out there.

They live on fixed incomes, and not at all happy their CD's aren't paying them anything. I gave them the Ron Paul's phone from home address so they just click on it and it would take them right to it, and I gave them the super brochure site also. Is there anything else I could do?

One of them wants me to put together a presentation that she could give at her Senior Citizens Center, but I'm not good at that. So any advice or recommendations on videos would be helpful.

1. Find out what they like

1. Find out what they like and show where ron paul fits in.
E.g. They like a good government pension. Paul will ensure cuts in other parts of the government so they can keep and get what they have earned.

2. Find out what they don't like about ron paul.Look those items up on the campaign site and counter those dislikes with facts.
e.g. They do not like the legalization of drugs. Look up his answer on that in the SC debate. Brilliant. On a more personal scale. Tell them he is not for legalizing, but for individual choice and responsibility. You know that rare concept older people were raised with.. ;)

3. If they are really old, pace youraelf in introducing completely new concepts, but also not contain yourself.

4. Be charming, open and complete and you're good to go. I hope

I hope these 4 points can help you a bit in the right direction.

Good luck and do let us know how well you fared!

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