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Poor Sanatorium... how sad to be him

Yahoo News | By Kerry Howley | The Ticket

IOWA CITY, Iowa--"Someone said to me, 'Why the Hamburg Inn?'" Karen Fesler, a member of Rick Santorum's Iowa steering committee, was telling a local journalist at 7:15 on a cold November morning here. "And I said, because it's just what you have to do."

What you apparently have to do, if you're Rick Santorum, is spend 15 minutes walking through a burger joint associated, on any other day, with university students and hangover food. The success of one diner in selling itself as the single most Iowan place to meet Iowan voters has long since stopped interesting Iowa City, a college town in which I have studied and taught for three years. We simply accept its dominance. When Michele Bachmann's incongruously large bus pulled up beside a rival diner, The Bluebird, last June, the story we told was not that she had come, but that she had spurned the Hamburg Inn to no conceivable purpose.

By 7:30, the time for which the morning's first campaign stop was scheduled, Santorum had yet to arrive. Three very unlikely Santorum voters—Ron Paul and Gary Johnson fans, it would turn out—had positioned themselves in prime heckling position near the front of the restaurant, a vantage point from which you can look onto a moderately busy street and watch your victim approach. At least seven journalists, including a heavily made-up reporter from the local TV news, milled about with notebooks and cameras of various sizes. The number of people who were either eating breakfast or waiting to meet the former senator from Pennsylvania stood at six. Then two of them left, and another reporter walked in.

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Poor Rick

He just doesn't get it. I have a hard time finding anything nice to say about him. At least he's faithful to his wife and family? Just totally misled and misinformed.

I think he's...

been around Ron long enough to learn a little something. He's a willful ignorant who hates what he doesn't understand- don't feel to bad for him. I just want him off the debate stage.

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

for the record.. the OP

was posted with sarcasm in mind... I got a good laugh out of this

oh man, so sadd

i feel bad for Santorum. Even the guy working in the kitchen came out for a random burn "not as annoying as his politics"... ayyyyyy caramba!!

I know

I especially like the line about him being a big douche!

He could always be a stunt double for

Stephen Colbert.

Excellent job buy the

Excellent job buy the Paul/Johnson table!

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Hold on folks.. Call me

Hold on folks..

Call me crazy but I don't think Santorum is out of this thing. If he could stay away from his social conservative thing long enough to focus on debt, deficit, war, jobs and attack Obama in some debates while NEWT flames out and he could start to creep up. I mean if Bachmann, Cain and Perry can explode to the top, why not Frothy?


lol I always thought he looked like Wally Clever.

hey crazy!

anything is possible I guess.


he would be nice to serve as a pastor or something.. i don't doubt his care for kids. just not anywhere near a nuclear button.


"No Rick! Not the red button!"

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

i find this article

really funny. ha ha ha.