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Newest Viral Video: Urgent Message From Our Troops

My friends Sean and Shelli, creators of "The Only One We Can Trust" video, have done it again! Check out the short version of 'URGENT MESSAGE From Our Troops' here:


The full 15 minute version will be up tomorrow!

Rich Clarke

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This video is incredible.

This video is incredible. Thank you!

I do have one comment,

I do have one comment, however, regarding one of the statistics shown in the video. At the 3:07 mark, where the US National Debt is being displayed, I believe the date for the top value should be 2001, not 2011. Am I just seeing things? Sorry to be a downer to point this out if it's an error. I just thought that if it was, you could catch it now before this goes viral.

bump for full length version...

...wasnt it suppose to be out two days ago?

Today, or on Dec. 16th to promote Money Bomb?

I'm ready to release it now, but someone just suggested that... and I thought it was worthy of debate. Let us know if you think that would help boost the fundraising numbers.


still waiting...

...on that full length version? Any word?


...this brilliant, moving video.

The Space Stuff

This was a fantastic video. I watched the whole thing and didn't realize it was 10 minutes or more! Where can I get the video segment of the Earth in Space? I would love to show this to some people:D

Beautiful video. Thank you.

Beautiful video. Thank you.


when is the full length version due out..

Any ideas...

on the time that the full version will be released? I've been mad antsy for this video haha.

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP


Five hours ago he said that it was done uploading and will be released very soon. I'm thinking it will be up in any moment.


I am a military member...and this video made me cry like a baby. Well done, guys. This one definitely needs to go viral.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
(Samuel Adams)

South Carolina

The campagin should be given rights to this video, cut it down to 60 secs and get it on TV in SC and FL.

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This is the first Ron Paul video I have emailed

to everyone I know. Because it's THAT good. And it comes across as a true message from the troops, not like I am trying to strong arm my friends into voting for Ron Paul because I like him personally.

I emailed this too

I sent the link to all my friends who send me "support our troops" email.

Any positive feedback?

My Army brother who voted for Hillary Clinton in the '08 primaries, then Obama, was blown away by the video and said that he can see where the guys in the video are coming from. He just didn't know before. Now he sounds really fired up and ready to become a full-fledged, nutty, devoted Ron Paul supporter!

He was never receptive before, I've even written DP threads about what a hardcore neocon he is. But this video got my foot in the door!

Some others that I sent it to surprised me by replying with stuff like "RP 2012!!!" YAHOO!!!!

RP needs to point this out

In the next debate, Ron Paul needs to use this fact alone to slam the others as the neoCons they are. If they 'support' our troops the way they say they do, then why not support the foreign policy they endorse? Otherwise, it's just lip-service.

Wonderful! I will be sending this on to...

...every Neo-Con I know.

Even though it's hard to get it through their thick war-mongering heads, I think this will help do the trick.

After all, how can you argue with all that financial support from the military itself?

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

That's the clincher- you CAN'T argue with it.

And they are PAYING to make that "vote" for Ron Paul. Imagine if just the active duty military were polled, and it cost nothing to vote? I think we'd have even more conclusive proof that the military is for Ron Paul. Their lives may literally depend on him winning.

Wasn't there talk about an Iowa informercial recently

NO offense but I think this vid would be more effective and more to the point than the one that was advertised.

This one as an infomercial in Iowa and New Hampshire would be awesome.

The campaign will have NO TROUBLE quickly raising millions to

get a shorter version of this on the air NATIONWIDE.

I am ready to write a BIG check- Let's make this happen!

A BIG THANK YOU to the creators of this video!

Count me in!

I would contribute to a Money Bomb to get a 1 minute version of this on air.

I've been saying for a while that I believe the "trifecta of critical support" that would push Dr. Paul over the top would come from: military veterans, "Blue Republicans", and Jewish/Israeli Americans (and Israelis) who know that only Dr. Paul's foreign policy is good for Israel.

Along those lines, I would also contribute greatly to another 1-minute ad that's all about Israel and our foreign policy.

It's a great day to be FREE!

The Tipping Point... IS HERE!!!

Unbelievable video.

I hold back tears knowing our community is half broken due to the fact that our heroes are missing (on purpose). The real time is NOW.

Bring them home now (the world will celebrate/with us), stop all foreign aid immediately, then have a national intervention on high-def, and re-new the whole country at once (like a Dr. Phil intervention nationally with the HARD questions/answers).

Understand our root cause problems, have an active re-group process, make priorities, implement an action plan, assign responsible-individuals for each group and sub-group, have clear guarantees (we will fire you/we got your back), and then make a public well-known collective announcement.

Announce, that we have gone way beyond ours means. But we're here together, ready to make a stand and re-group. We are a family, a family that was weakened when attacked. But we fought back. We recognize our past but want to continue and win. Win every time, without question and beyond measure. But understand our blow-back and our mistakes and its consequences.

Awareness will take hold. Radicals will appear, and we'll wait for there exhaustion, then bring them in. Comfort the weak with strength and security (which will finally be real). Feed them, guide them and let them go. More trouble will be minimized and then let herd teach them by example (get-in-line, straighten up, shave, sober-up bro, wear boots, be polished, etc.)

Security will be found at home. Everyone working without fear or lost will benefit wholly. Community will build like it used to be. Kids will play. Things will look nice and a stranger can be a friend.

For the last years FEAR has set in and become the normal. Why? Because TRUST has been lost.


Ron Paul 2012

Make it 1 minute long and put it on TV everywhere

Grab the most compelling testimony from the front, Ron Paul speaking, the $113K graphic and the images at the end, make it 1 minute long and put it on the air in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has lost its way lately, drifting shamefully towards neo-con brutism, IMO, they need to be reminded about right and wrong, put back on Dr. Paul's message.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


First, I loved the video! Really awesome and compelling. But I agree it needs to be condensed it to a minute or less and it will be even more effective. All of us supports love watching these longer videos, but to get this in front of new people or undecideds it needs to be a minute or less.

Awesome job!

You people are AMAZING!

You people are AMAZING! Thank you for putting this video together! It is real and emotional and honest. It can communicate the message to so many people who's eyes glaze over at debates and hate politics.

It is beautiful.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Wow, wow and "WOW!"

'Nuff said....


This is a sure fire proof way to defeat this Grinch~~I don't know if Ron Paul would approve it or not, but wow, if we could do an ad over and over of the following image, I think, no, I KNOW we would win Iowa, because every time anybody would go in a booth to vote they would think of this image, and they would probably barf before they voted for Gingrich. They just wouldn't be able to shake that image, for sure!

Go to this link & look at the Grinch!

US Military dumps 274 soldiers remains in landfill - RT

I read a lot of interesting things from RT, and this may make me look like a cynic however I feel compelled to point this out for the commnuity.