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Did you See the Newsmax Presidential Poll they are running?

There is a Newsmax Presidential Poll I found late yesterday and when I voted for Ron Paul I got the results. Well it is way over the top for Newt! I am not sure where this is being promoted, but really, 66% for Newt and only 6% for Ron Paul? Here is the link for the survey results: http://www.newsmax.com/Surveys/Results/id/40 and here is a link where you should be able to vote: http://www.newsmax.com/surveys/NewtGingrich/Newt-Gingrich/id....

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Real NewsMax Poll

Did they publish this poll that they took?


Where Ron Paul won with 15k votes?

^ That's what a genuine poll looks like before they stuff it.

It's also the same people whose poll showed Donald Trump as a LANDSLIDE VICTORY CANDIDATE! WITH 600,000 VOTERS!


I bet Gingrich wishes he had 1/10th of the voters from that. lololol

Also a Ripoff Report explaining how NewsMax uses credit cards to charge additional fees to Aftershock book that they advertise is free.


Ron Paul's Song: Old Time Rock N Roll

:) Trump lol

Where were those voters on all of the other "polls"? :)

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Globalist / FED fiat

How much is going into this site...

Haaaaaaaaa !

Looks like newsmax has their computer-keyboard Commando's working double time for GettinRich.

It must suck to have a job that requires you to spend 25 hours of your work day altering computer software in favor of the loser so as to manipulate newcomers into thinking the actual winner is the loser .. lol