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What Happened to the "Long Shot" Tag in front of Ron's Name?

Six months ago every single media reference to Ron was preceded by the words "long shot candidate". We don't see that anymore, do we?

Why was it SO important for those "journalists" to forcefully, intentionally, and consistently jam that tag in front of his name?

So, now that they've removed it, can we assume they are admitting they were wrong. Wouldn't their integrity then demand they resign, since what they are admitting to is essentially attempting to sway an election?

At the very least, wouldn't a public apology be in order?

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I'd say "Long Shot Ron Paul" refers to

the out-of-the-park home run he hit in the Congressional baseball game.


Let's try an get an explanation

Let's do a mass mailing to a specific, gratuitous offender. I'd love to hear an explanation.