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Be sure to comment on each other's Ron Paul Facebook posts.

I've been noticing on facebook that posts that get likes and comments show up at the top of your news feed, and posts that don't sink to the bottom or get bundled with other posts and have a note "so and so and so and so posted about Ron Paul".

I know there are many of us Ron Paul supporters that are facebook friends with each other based solely on the Ron Paul connection, and we don't know each other apart from that. Maybe each of us have 10-50 "Ron Paul only" facebook friends. We post news items, and other videos etc to promote Ron Paul to our friends and family who are not getting this information from other sources. The problem is that many of our friends and family also don't comment or click on our Ron Paul posts because they're not there yet. Because of this those un-interacted facebook posts fall to the bottom of the very news feeds that they actually need to be seen on the most.

I don't know exactly how facebook works, but I'm assuming that if all of us "Ron Paul only" friends took the miniscule amount of extra effort needed to go ahead and click like, and comment on each other's Ron Paul posts, this would make the facebook system see these posts as being important enough to highlight at the top of the news feeds of our friends and family who need to see them.

So this was kind of a long way of saying, be sure to comment and click like on each others Ron Paul facebook posts. It may seem extraneous, but I think it's necessary to make sure the information is presented to our other facebook friends who have yet to come over to the side of Liberty.

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