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12/8 Iowa - Carroll County Tea Party Straw Poll


7:00 PM - Tonight! 12/8

Carroll, IA

Santa Maria Events Center
218 W. 6th St.
Carroll, IA

Only citizens of Carroll, Sac, Calhoun, Greene, Guthrie, Audubon, Shelby, and Crawford counties should attend

We need to win this!

Please put this first thing first page asap until 7:00 PM CST

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Any News this afternoon?


clicking through that paper again...

...looking for results. Nothing. (Ron Paul must have won.)

Meanwhile, try and read THIS all the way to the end without tearing up....


(Crusty old 56 year old man here, typing through tears, funeral starts in eight minutes.)

Any official results?

Anyone have any results from that straw poll and what the attendance was like?

110:05 PM Any results?


I'm clicking through that paper...

...trying to find them. Nothing (found) yet.

Meanwhile just read an interesting "opinion" article...

"Voting for Gingrich? The greatest act of hypocrisy in Carroll County history" Link:

A clip or three...

"Which raises a question: How in Father Joseph Kuemper’s Carroll County can three-times-married Newt Gingrich be a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States?

Has my hometown been lying to me all these years about its values?"

"If Gingrich wins Carroll County, it will be the greatest act of collective hypocrisy in our history.

Serious question: Where would the institution of marriage be in the United States of America if all our nation’s citizens had been married three times like Gingrich? How damaged would children be if they each had to deal with these three women during Christmas: a mom, an ex-stepmom and a new stepmom? They’d be running, screaming and with hands in the air, for the orphanages Gingrich wanted to build during his days as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives."

"If he would cheat on a woman who was his best friend, true love and closest adviser, how can voters he doesn’t know personally trust him?

How can the nation be certain that a man who was cheating on his wife in his 50s won’t put the nation through another Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal?"

Sounds to me like it would be preposterous to think that Grinch could even finish top THREE in Iowa....

oh, and a POLL...

...on that newspaper's home page:


I figure y'all don't "know what to do"

wow!! current percentages...

JOHNSON = 36 (??)
Grinch = 15

Both at 30% now

Johnson and Paul are tied.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Hmm, really?

Johnson suddenly above Paul? Thats an utter suprise.
I like Johnson and all because he is like Paul, but having him suddenly jump like that is very suspicious to me.
The only way for Paul to lose voters is if Johnson starts gaining them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Paul #1 now, 35% to Johnson's 29%

Ron Paul 2012, The People's President!


My Home County

Carroll County is my home county, I grew up in a small farming community called Glidden. In fact, I'm driving home tomorrow morning for an early family Christmas. If I were there I'd be at the poll voting for Dr. Paul! LoL! I've been looking forward to driving through Iowa just to get an idea of how much Dr. Paul support there is.



Absolutely put that video

up at the straw poll! Urgent Message from our Troops!

It looks like a small attendance is expected

so you might forget the projection equipment and just mic up a laptop to view the clip.

alan laney

Here's an idea

The article says each candidate's rep has 7 minutes to state their case for support. I'd get a big screen projection capability on site and play the Current Topic now on Daily Paul labled: Newest Viral Video - An Urgent Message from out Troops. No one can claim that high ground. Anybody that can watch that and NOT vote for Ron Paul really doesn't support the troops at all. The piece runs for 4:30 minutes, that'll give time for a sincere plea to "listen to what the troops are saying" and the donations speak for themselves. The message should be: Let's give Ron Paul a chance, he's earned it!

alan laney

If I wasn't thousands of

If I wasn't thousands of miles away I would help set this up.


for great justice

for great justice







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Get this on the FRONT PAGE!!

Please bump this to the front!