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Daily Paul Radio: What the Founding Fathers Really Said, with Mike Church

Mike Church national talk show host on Sirius/XM joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘What the Founding Fathers Really Said’ to discuss his new film Road to Independence and his special free commentary series released daily for the month of December.

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Listen here:

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the R3VOLUTION needs a full-time radio broadcast

is there any interest here in having a full-time 24/7 radio broadcast?? in the past there were several online radio sites dedicated to the ron paul revolution. as far as i know, now there is none. it's a huge disappoint that we should now be without any asset that we had before. i would pledge contribution to that kind of project.


Watch the founding father stuff.

I do admire some of the founding father's traits and I do acknowledge they were men of their time. But one thing to remember is that many people rightfully do not look at that time in our history as a good thing. I do cringe when I hear someone say taking back out country. I think it would be advisable to use more precise language and say what actual idea or topic you are talking about.

What I do find kind of funny,

What I do find kind of funny, is that everyone quotes Jefferson, maybe Madison, Hamilton, and Washington, but depending on your definition therre could have been many, many more. 70+ were sent to the Federal Convention. Then you have guys like Andrew Jackson who fought in the Revolutionary war and; he didn't partake in signing the Constitution, but still.

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Interesting interview, never

Interesting interview, never heard about the plot by the Mass Governor with the Brits that Ben Franklin uncovered. Thanks Mike for putting the piece of work together. Can't wait to see it.

Also, I love how films are made and looking forward to watching the bonus DVD of how it was made.

What the Founding Fathers "really" said

Anybody can look up what the Founding Fathers said. In fact, they made a record of it for us, their descendants, to read.

You can look it up right here:

The Declaration of Independence:

The Constitution of the United States

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Big bump

Thanks for the info - should be a good show.

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