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The psychological effects of federal reserve notes II

I was written by the same author some time ago. There is 1 thing that is consistent with our economy above all others, federal reserve notes. They're a relatively new creation, food, water & air have always been present. Federal reserve notes are the "currency", or common thread that unites us all. We can all be found trading w/ them, in our pockets, come hell or high water we use them, we have to use them. Using FRNs is akin to us all being on the same power grid, dependent on the same bank & no, I'm not talking about the Fed Reserve Bank. Although all banks have different 1st names, they have the same last name, bank. They all sell exactly the same thing, just packaged differently, w/ a different brand name. Whenever everybody has something in common, theres bound to be a mental effect that comes w/ it. I'm not talking about the constant need for money for essentials, which is always the quest for someone else's money transferred to you, such as in a paycheck, since we don't receive an allotment of funds from the gov't or anyone else, all the FRNs we have were someone elses & then given to us. Nor am I talking about constantly giving FRNs away to pay bills & buy essentials. I am questioning what the final psychological result of the whole entire economy being dependent on FRNs is supposed to be, whether we're aware of it & whether we're taking a pro-active approach not to become victims of it. The worst kind of addiction to have is a mental 1 cause you don't know you have it, the people around you don't know & don't recognize it & it can't even be treated until you know you have it. We need to examine what kind of effects the FRNs are having on us, that we don't even realize & not be under their spell. Please don't think this wasn't the intention the world bankers had to begin with.
We must ask ourselves: WHAT CAN SOMEONE DO TO US WHEN WE ARE ALL THINKING ABOUT THE SAME THING? We all know that if we are ignorant, we aren't free. Freedom is in the mind, not just w/ the legs. What can someone do to us when we are all constantly thinking about the federal reserve note, how to get it, what we do w/ it when we have it? Its fair to say its enticed most of us to get a SSN or tracking # cause the bank requires it to deposit there, which is a lure to get more FRNs from savings or a place for safe-keeping so you won't always have to carry them around w/ you. Again, banks have managed to get us to see them differently from each other, even though they sell exactly the same thing. They;'re all the same family, just the last name of bank or credit union. We have basically been programmed to think FRN, federal reserve note, it has consumed our lives. Whats next & how are we MENTALLY vulnerable by this? If thinking frn were the equivalent of us all using the same electricity company & we were all on the same grid & the company experienced a power failure, how many of us would go down? Its true that, for the time being, you must use FRNs for gas, food, the essentials of life, but FRNs deserve no more of your mind than that. Let it stop there, don't let the FRN own your mind, you must believe it has the potential to do that, it could do that without you knowing it. I know its hard, its like trying to escape the heat a fire naturally produces.

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The more Americans become self-reliant

and wean ourselves from the consumerism that FRNs give rise to, the better everything will be.

We need to participate in the matrix to pay taxes, but if all we did was that bare minimum, the infrastructure of tyranny would crumble.