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Paul: 'I have to expose' Gingrich

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By CNN's Ashley Killough and Shannon Travis

(CNN) - Pressed about his aggressive campaign against Newt Gingrich, Texas Rep. Ron Paul said he feels responsible to show a different side of the former House speaker to the American public.

"I have to expose him for what he's been doing over the years. That's all we're doing. Trying to present the facts," Paul said to reporters at a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa.

In the last week, Paul has been a vocal critic of Gingrich, a man he calls a "counterfeit conservative." The Texas congressman has frequently hit the GOP front-runner as a flip-flopper and Washington insider, and in an interview with CNN on Friday, he described Gingrich's new popularity as "bewildering."

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.....I would go well beyond the term "expose" i would suggest..WE...HAMMER...the LIZARD !!!

IMHO...the...KEY...to this debate is to START with the Fact that Newt...SUPPORTS AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. (and hes been PIMPING AMNESTY for...30 YEARS !!)

Thats IMHO is the KEY that Opens the DOORS inside the minds of the Conservative base....from there we can move on to the LONG LIST OF OTHER (often more complex issues that show Newt is a RINO LIZARD KING).

But if you want to START this Debate with Conservatives you start with...."Well I just cant Support Anyone who wants AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS...Like Newt Gingrich!"

That alone is enough to turn off half the room your talking to.

Mr Gingrich 2007

Here is a good read from 2007..The Bolton nominee thing reaffirms this


how much war is enough

A good read

Mr Gingrich in 2007..found on the CFR website


How much war do some of these people want

Love the term...

..."counterfeit conservative" to describe Newt.

Hope Ron uses it liberally (pun intended).

When People Know The Newt =

Know Newt = NO NEWT

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich

Sorry to self-promote, I just want as many to enjoy the song as possible. http://youtu.be/373wcoVen88

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Love the Song!

Please feel free to self promote when the material is this awesome. I also appreciate the Downtown Song too. Downloaded it on my Ipod. It never fails to make me smile whenever I listen to it. :)



Well done!!!

he better be careful

what his campaign has not employed as a tactic is attacks on opponents .. this draws him into the jungle that he has been able to avoid and it will / may tarnish his message..

no he should not be, Ron has

no he should not be, Ron has not made commercials with pelosi. Ron has not supported nafta. Ron has not supported thye bail outs. Ron has not made tens of millions of dollars of the American people because of his connections being in the US government. Ron has been married to the same woman for over 50 years and never cheated. And it goes on and on...

good one joepast

You provide a good warning. Hope it is heeded.


you and your 1 week are

you and your 1 week are really starting to bore me. Every post has been voted down.

RP's message is not to expose.

RP has gotten off course from his message. His message was never to make personal attacks, but about the system. Apparently, that is gone. Obama and Romney are a bigger problem and a part of the system. Yet, Paul chooses specifically not to expose them and even deflects questions on Romney, which ends up protecting him. Obama and Romney must be proud of Paul.


Jen, you've been here 1 week.

please listen to this.

The conservatives don't want Romney, they know he's not a real conservative.

Newt is the real danger to the Ron Paul campaign, and he must be exposed as the phony that he is.

Republicans want Romney

Sorry to burst your bubble but Republicans and establishment GOP wants Romney. He is still the frontrunner along with Newt. If you are really running a smart race to win, then you would focus on the opponents (which are Obama and Romney) and not pounce on Fed haters like Newt that others will pounce on anyway.

Instead, valuable time went by in attacks while Romney remains steady and is bashing with Obama so that Obama and Romney look like Romney is the inevitable nominee.

Notice, Obama only goes after Romney and indirectly Newt. He knows who his rivals are. Romney and Newt are politicaly criquing each other.

Romney has been in the news from the ghetto - they don't like Romney but they have always said they will support and take Romney.


You do realize...

That you're completely wrong, right? "Republicans and establishment GOP" cannot win the White House without the rest of us. Romney is not the guy to topple Obama. Dr. Paul has personal experience with Newt attacking him in the past, and echoes the sentiments of many respected and still sitting congressmen in that Newt is a terrible legislator and person. Romney actually IS attacking Newt, and you will see more of that in the weeks to come. Obama is attacking Newt directly now, as well.

WHEN Ron takes down Newt

He puts himself in a much better driver seat to win. Newt Gingrich IS A JOKE. But many are still somehow hypnotized by the media.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


Thanks for posting.

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Gingrich would likely expose himself

if Ron were a young female hottie.

Ron, I know it's not your style...

but you must do it to win. I'm glad he realizes it and is willing to implement it.

if he realizes it, then what about true rivals

If he realizes this is not his style as you say, then how about going after Obama and Romney while running a clean, honest campaign. Obama and Newt are on Romney.

Bachman is not, but she is a nut and will drop out soon. Same with Santorum. Same with Huntsman. The only one Huntsman wants to pick on is Trump.


Well Dr Paul could not expect Mitt Romney to point this out!

Now watch, Bachman and Santorium will suddenly get brave and not so afraid of Newt's agile tongue

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Dr. Paul is a true gentleman:

He is a nice man that even goes out of his way to avoid bad mouthing anyone under almost all circumstances. Someone you can look up to and perhaps emulate with pride.
BUT! I do believe, that the one person that could make him lose his composure is the Grinch. There is allot of history there.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Pelosi's XMAS Present

The 1200 page ethics committee report on Newt Gingrich.

With enough of us, we can comb through this in no time.


Ya. Page 4 is all it takes,

Ya. Page 4 is all it takes, where he findings are. They found him to be a pernicious liar and pandering for monetary gain. Whadelsyagotta read? LOL

ytc's picture

bump for. . .

clever videographers to come up with more of biting newt REALITY shows.