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Neal Boortz VERY positive with caller that supports Ron Paul today.

I've been trying to listen to Neal Boortz a bit more lately since he's been increasingly positive about Ron Paul. Today, he received a call from a black Obama supporter who wouldn't listen to any of the criticism Neal gave of Obama.

A few callers later, a Ron Paul supporter got through. He was saying that he thought Newt and Romney were the same because they both flip-flop and Neal gave a pseudo defense of them flip flopping(?) saying "I've flip-flopped, it's impossible not to." Then the guy said something to the effect that not all black people support Obama and he was supporting Ron Paul because Obama doesn't do what he says he's going to do but, Ron Paul has been consistent.

Then Neal said, "I'm liking Ron Paul more and more lately, but I just can't stand his foreign policy." and then the guy said "Well, I guess I can see your point, but back in 2007 he was the only guy who predicted the economic collapse." And Neal perked up and said "Actually Ron Paul predicted it back in 2002." And just overall sounded very positive on Ron Paul. He'll probably never endorse him but it's just nice to not hear a conservative talk show host spewing lies about Ron Paul any time a supporter gets on or they mention him in the news or whatever.

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Lol they never like Ron's foreign policy

I love him on economics! But I just can't get to agree with his "lets stop killing people" policy. More blood for the blood god! More sacrifices needed!! Until there is nothing left for me to be scared of! Ugh.

You have a right to your opinion Neal...

You have a right to your opinion Neal, but our troops support Ron Paul's foreign policy and I support the troops so I value their opinion. Remember Neal, 70% of all money given to GOP candidates by our military men and women is given to Ron Paul.

Neal, perhaps you should interview recent veterans who know what the situation is with modern deployments. Too many of the older generation are still fighting World War 2 or the Cold War in their minds. Those wars are over and so should our modern military involvement overseas.

hogs fan, haha, you must be

hogs fan, haha, you must be from my home state. i don't really care about what these radio personalities say anymore. they were meant to pacify a certain amount of active people, and now that job is being taken over by us, though it is good he stayed more positive than normal.

Newt and Gingrich are the

Newt and Gingrich are the same....person, that is. Did you mean Newt and Romney?

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Woops..fixed it. Thanks. That

Woops..fixed it. Thanks. That would be funny though, if someone seriously got confused on if there were two Gingrichs or two Romneys because they've both acted like they have twins that act the exact opposite of themselves at times.