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[NEW SITE] NewtExposed.com - A timeline of Gingrich's crimes against conservatism

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I'll put it up. Be good to

I'll put it up.

Be good to get some audio or vids of Gingrich talking about guns though. He was on the Hugh Hewitt Show talking about it once, but can't find the actual audio.

were also gonna need 1 for romney

and mayhaps a few others.

It's not easy watching hours

It's not easy watching hours of C-SPAN video of people like Newt Gingrich.

Copy and paste in email...

This site can easily be copied and pasted in an email. Try it, it looks pretty good...then send it to all your contacts. Let's get Gingrich in the Bachmann/Perry/Cain column--losing!

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Gun Record

We need to make a bigger issue out of his Gun Record. And the Campaign should rail against it in states like S. Carolina. I think many people have forgotten. And the 2nd Amendment represents a huge single issue voting block, where Paul can succeed against Gingrich.

If anyone has any videos of

If anyone has any videos of Gingrich making statements about gun rights, please point them out.

gotta be

something on the brady bill and other bills in the 90's that he supported which restricted gun rights. This is a big issue, we need to expoit now.


Has this running around Facebook

Presidential Candidate Ratings from Gun Owners of America
Ron Paul: A+
Rick Perry: A
Michelle Bachmann: A
Rick Santorum: B-
Newt Gingrich: C
Mitt Romney: D-

Surely they will have documentation, links, sources, etc. to help you with.

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God. How can these morons

God. How can these morons support Gingrich with a score like that.

keyword: morons ; )

keyword: morons

; )

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I get it now :)

I get it now :)



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