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Larry Kudlow on CNBC about to praise RP

He's about to talk about how RP can win IA. Right now, like after commercial break.

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Kudlow, the prostitute

Larry Kudlow lives beyond his real value by being a prostitute for Wall Street.
He can never be a Paul supporter, he thinks Wall Street is free market capitalism.

Why does anybody care about a former Federal Reserve, open market operations, crony ?

If Ron Paul is elected President Larry Kudlow becomes irrelevant, again.

Noooo. Do not pine for first

Noooo. Do not pine for first place pronuncements for Paul, the Doc desperately needs expectations to stay lowwww. There are almost always momentum shifts in the last 10 days in Iowa and NH, always, do the research, Glad they dismissed Ron post-Iowa even if he wins the Hawkeye state.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Yep. This is so ridiculous.

Yep. This is so ridiculous. "He can't win, he's reached his ceiling, he can't win..umm..if he wins its really a win for someone else." LOL!!

No the thing is that Kudlow and his sudden troupe of unknown

Analysts just said that a RON PAUL IA WIN, I mean, their scenario his HIS WIN, spent the next 20 mins talking about how it would be really a Romney or Gingrich win. That's actually what they did and Kudlow reveled in it. It was like watching inbred pigs fornicating.

Wow i knew Kudlow was "wtfe" about RP, but now it really is

confirmed. He doesn't care, and letting the "analysts" just dictate the "reality".

"A RP win in IA would be huge for Romney and Gingrich"

from a no-name 30-something. From an old dude "RP victory would only spell R O M N E Y"

Kudlow "Game, set and match"

Oh: it's actually going to "both sides of the political aisle"

"Analysts" panel. On right now. sigh, lame. He led the show with "can RP win Ia". I should have known better. Dam you Larry! *fist shake*

Is this the right live stream?


Doesn't seem to be any talk of Ron Paul...

he promised it at opening comments; I cannot guarantee you an

exact time-stamp of when he's going to discuss it. But it's going to happen, and, it will be on video at cnbc.com in retrospect. Also, I will sum up what he actually says.

Any live stream?

Any live stream?

I tuned in, but no RP

I tuned in, but no RP talk..:(

30 seconds spent on RP

the rest on RomGrich.