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Why isn't there a poll that has gop and independent votes combined in Iowa?

I am curious, wouldn't that be more accurate given the open primary In Iowa?

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because that kind of poll

because that kind of poll would force something a little closer to the truth out of the agency doing the polling, rather than faking them all over breakfast with their favorite special interests.

Polls Take Time & Money

The RP campaign is paying for "internal" polling, and so are various interest groups. They want the data, but not necessarily to share it.

Newspapers used to do polling, but why bother if their competitors are just going to quote the data within minutes? It used to be they'd have at least a 24 hour lead on everyone else if they did their own.

If someone pays for a poll and puts it out, you have to wonder what was their motive.

None of this changes what we need to do.

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it is simply because...

...that would show that Ron Paul is WINNING. Also, don't forget, there will be THOUSANDS of Democrats disillusioned with BHO showing up and registering Repug, supporting Ron Paul.

(Oh, and can you correct the spelling of independEnt in your headline, please??)

RevPAC had one and Ron Paul

RevPAC had one and Ron Paul was 1st with 25%.

But RevPAC "Isn't credible" because it supports Ron Paul.