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"Iowa City for Ron Paul" needs $900 immediately to open an office! Chip-in Included!

Your donations will go directly to Randi Shannon in Iowa City, IA, who is trying to move fast and open an office for Phone Banking, Volunteer Caucus Training, and other activities to help Ron Paul take Iowa by storm! The campaign is NOT financing this, so they need to go their own avenue with this and so need us to help.

Here is the Chip-in - donate now (US donations only for this)! They need to move fast with opening an office:


Here is a statement from Randi Shannon, posted on Facebook Group called "Iowa City for Ron Paul":


We have secured a Headquarters office if you will, in Coralville, Iowa. The office is 410 1st Ave, Coralville. Same strip mall area as Bruegers Bagels. The office is $1000.00 We have $200 in donations so far. We need another $800 for the office and approx. $70'ish for internet (still getting the price for that). It is 1800 square feet and there is some furniture, it's very beautiful and modern-huge glass front for Ron Paul signs.

Please give what you can. We'd like to move in by Sunday and we have it through Jan 5th.

We will be phone banking from approx. 9am to 8:30 pm daily-thru the Caucus. We will also be able to train volunteers in one central location. It will be a supply hub. The owner is a Ron Paul fan and so are some of the neighbors!! Who wants to plug in and help? We have till Sunday to pay him-please help us make this happen! Thank you!

Again, I started this chip-in, but the money you donate goes directly to Randi Shannon in Iowa, not me. Let's keep this US donations only.


Iowa is key, folks. Help them move fast and chip in right now!

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posted about you here:

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Thanks again guys for all of your support! Some local stories highlighting all of our efforts :)


I just stopped by the new office tonight, it's a great space and is going to be up and running full steam by Monday. We'll be open 12 hours a day, phone banking, handing out campaign supplies and getting as many people out for Ron Paul as possible. Thanks for everyone who donated we couldn't have done it without you!


Hi Everyone!!!

I was just reading through all the comments and wished I had looked at this sooner. The office is going to be a major meetup hub for volunteers, all grassroots! Yes we will be phone banking but it's extremely targeted. We have many precincts without captains and without stump speech givers. That is our focus, mainly, with the phone banking. We also find out who needs yard signs this way and who still has questions/issues. We go at it from a different approach. the approach that yes, we know they might have already had 5 phone calls. The office is a main location for training people to be precinct captains as well as how to door knock/what to say in the neighborhoods/and caucus training. We've been scattered till now. We've been holding 1 meeting per week in a library cafe, which has been nice but now we can do daily what we were only able to do once a week. We will also be sending out mass mailers from this office. IF you wish to come to do a stump speech in our county please 'like' us on FB at 'Iowa City for Ron Paul' and let us know and we'll see where you are most needed. Also if you'd really like to help more from your state-please go to RonPaulProducts.com and pick a precinct in Johnson County and send out that super brochure. I think $7.00 is 1000 brochures-do not just send to known supporters-send to every household. This will gain us more voters. If anyone would like to talk to me direct-please message me on FB. Our group, our mighty group of warriors, can't thank you all enough for helping us make this happen. In the end we all have 1 goal in mind and that is Ron Paul for President of these United States 2012!!!! Thank you so so so very much for the support!!!


Good luck guys!

Receipt ID 4636d48a7a468162
Total: $35.00

Thank you!!

This is awesome - thank you so much!

Bump for remaining $35!

All we need to reach our goal are 35 devalued dollars :-)

$35 for liberty in Iowa anyone? :-)

This is going to an extremely important operation, folks... Community outreach, volunteer training for caucus-goers, etc...

Let's make it happen. I already donated my portion to this and cannot afford any more, otherwise I would have finished this chip-in myself.

$35 remaining!

Almost there :-)

I hate to see self bumps

so here's a bump for you.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



$55 remaining!

Another $55 is needed to reach the goal.

Lease signing tonight.

Per Randi Shannon, the lease for the office is scheduled to be signed tonight at 5:30 PM.

At this point, $80 is the remaining balance they are asking for.



Thank you! Another $80 needed!

Thank you so much!





I'm in

for $20, hate those darn fees... Give em hell!

Need a little more to cover PayPaul fees + internet

We forgot to account for Paypal fees when the chip-ins are processed, as well as internet service for the office, so another $100 is needed to cover everything.

I increased the chipin to $1,000 total just now to accommodate this.

Why does chip in take forever

Why does chip in take forever to update?

We need more Grassroots

We need more Grassroots Headquarters


Last campaign, residents became very annoyed at being called multiple times by different groups, and they blamed the campaign.

This is the danger of having competing campaign calling programs. Backlash.

My suggestion would be to focus on people the main campaign won't be calling -- but you can't coordinate with them, because then all the donations to this effort would have to be recorded in their campaign reporting to the FEC.

Also, the Chip-in donations may have to be reported, too, because this campaign office is a committee of its own. (I know, "Congress shall make no law...").

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Good points, could you make a

Good points, could you make a Grassroots do & don't rough draft guide?


A huge thank you to the great folks of Daily Paul :-)

You've just given Iowa City Ron Paul volunteers the money they needed to open the office and improve organization for Ron Paul in their part of Iowa! Well done.


Twenty FRN's for my hero.

Thanks for the opportunity of helping out.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Now at $875 out of $900!

Looks like we need another $25 and we're there!

How much is left I will pay

How much is left I will pay the entire balance.

Looks like its just $45

Looks like its just $45

I Just added $10. Now just

I Just added $10. Now just $65 more to go!

Only $75 more needed

Just added $40 to the chip in, only $75 more to go.
Lets get this done for the boots on the ground effort in Iowa.