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A Letter to Dr. Ron Paul: Nice Guys Finish Last! It's time to send these Globalist to the Dentist!

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You Sir for FINALLY TAKING OFF THE GLOVES and exposing these globalist for who they are!

You are a gentle and kind hearted man by nature, and we all love you for that; but as you know from campaigns past, this game of politics is BRUTALLY NASTY, and as said in the world of the Alpha Male:

*************** NICE GUYS FINISH LAST **************

The ads the campaign is running are GREAT! Don't let up now; as a matter of fact, you might want to ramp it up just a little and continue going for the jugular.

No more Mr. Nice, because in the world of the Alpha Male:

*************** NICE GUYS FINISH LAST **************

If Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney could expose any skeletons in your closet, believe me, they would launch a full front attack on you unlike anything ever seen in political history.

They would spend Millions in radio and TV ads to tear your throat out. So don't make the mistake of playing nice with these jackals, they sure as hell wouldn't extend the same professional courtesy to YOU!

Because in the world of the Alpha Male:

*************** NICE GUYS FINISH LAST **************

Running for President is the most prestigious and sought after job/position in the world, and to get there, you've got to bite, scratch, scream, and dig. Once you get in the White House, you can take the gloves off for a few rounds and take a break; until then you need to keep on swinging, and swinging, until you can't swing anymore.

Because in the world of the Alpha Male:

*************** NICE GUYS FINISH LAST **************

The American public is much like the school girl who's attracted to the Alpha Male. She thinks the guy that's really sweet and nice is great to hang out with because he's 'safe', but deep down in her stomach, she wants nothing at all to do with him sexually because he's "WEAK", and what she "REALLY WANTS" is the Alpha Male who's got the backbone, the strength to carry on the family genes; she wants to mate with the Alpha Male, and she wants to go shopping with the nice guy that has ultimately ended up in the Friend Zone.

Why did he end up in the Friend Zone? Because he's a nice guy that's SAFE.

The American public views politicians in the same way. They want a MAN who's got some fight in him; a man who's willing to stand up to anyone; a man who's not Mr. Nice Guy.

They want a TIGER! They love the cute little gerbil, and think he's cute to play with, but the gerbil is not what' they'd sick on the burglar that kicks down the door.

They want to know that they've got a nice dog, that's not afraid to get viscous when he needs to.

Going after these scumbags with these TV ads is EXACTLY what you and the campaign should continue doing, and the heat needs to be constantly being turned up with the ads.

Expose these thieves of Liberty every chance you get. Go after them full force and bust their knee caps every chance you get with these hard hitting ads; and even during the debates. Come out swinging and don't stop when they get tired .... Oh no Dr. Paul, you don't stop until YOU get tired.

Get dirty mean and nasty. Get down right mad and expose them every chance you get. The public is seeing that you are a fighter, but they need constant reminders because their attention span is only as long as the last add, then you've got to hit them with another before they have a chance to get their breath.

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are globalist, hell bent on destroying the sovereignty of the United States. If they get in office, the dollar is finished and we all know it.

You Dr. Paul are the 'Chosen One'. We are marching in lock step behind you in full battle gear. Be our leader and take us to battle. Continue to get us fired up and ready to take on the axis of evil. Continue to stand up before us with your shield and your sword and lead us to battle.

This is WAR! and in the world of the Alpha Male:

************* NICE GUYS FINISH LAST *************

You've been a nice guy all your life Dr. Paul, and like I said we love you for it.

But this is one time we need our leader to rally the troops and be the Alpha Male and get down right dirty mean and nasty if that's what it takes to win.

We've all seen you get fired up, and we know you've got the fire in your belly when provoked. Right now, you're being provoked by wickedness who wants to destroy our way of life as Americans.

I know you will handle it in the matter you see fit, and I know you're much more man than most of us, and I hope you or anyone else on this board doesn't take my writing as disrespectful or pushy, you have my utmost respect Sir as you do most on this board.

I just hope you'll take this to heart and always remember:

In the World of Politics ... Nice Guys Finish Last.

Take off those gloves and beat these bloody globalist to a pulp. Expose them with full out assaults on their voting history and past records.

You're gonna pull of this time, I feel it in my bones. Don't let up now Dr. Paul, whatever you do, don't let up now. Go for the jugular every chance you get, they'd do it to you, and look out, their probably planning something as we speak.

Remember, the American public LOVES a fighter. They are drawn to GUTS. Stand up and show them you're the MAN for the job. Stand up and show them, you're the Alpha Male in the pack.

Here's wishing you luck and good health Dr. Paul. We all love and support you with our lives, money and property.

You can be a nice guy again when you win the presidency, until that day comes ...

Take off your gloves and knock their F*****ing teeth out!!!!

Ron Paul 2012!

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Ron Paul doesn't need

you to tell him to "get tough."


Haven't you seen the confrontations with Bernanke? The "Mr. Smith"-like haranguing on the House floor? How he stood up to and dusted Newt Gingrich in '96? Decades of being a lone combatant against the most powerful bank in history? Dr. No?

Ron Paul is just hitting his stride. This is his moment in history. He's been preparing and training himself for it since the 80s. Just relax. You are about to see it start really hitting the fan now. Ron is just getting started.

John F

Right on!

Right on!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

you hit that on the nail I wanna shake your hand..

In reality we are winning the the race to be free again no matter what the media stream or people that are still asleep and brain washed by the media.. The media is being paid by the bankers and the bankers are pulling all the strings behind the curtain.. when Jfk found out what the government was planning he warned the people about this and that was his last speech.. I think once Ron Paul becomes our next president alot of politicians will be imprisoned for the crimes they commited and that is betrayed the constitution.. 2012 will not be the end of the world it will be for the bankers and people in the media including the crooks in congress but a new world for the people which is you and I.. We have been hijacked and its time to fight back yes Ron Paul cant change things over night but with the help of the people we can limit government like it suppose to be and Irs federal reserve and the other crap that these crooks put into place will be embolished .. You know when Obama said he came from kripton and he is here to save the planet well he lied and is trying to destroy the world yes bush messed it up and his dad and obama did get into a mess but what did he do for almost 4 years well he increased military even though he said would bring troops home before he was president and now he is president what happened to that promise? He is expanding government and passing a bill that will force us to buy healthcare and if not we get penalized.. but that bill is exept for goverment and muslims wtf anyways Ron Paul will save the day and will be our president and shut down these fema camps and use them for the politicians and bankers that corupted America! I am a born citizen of the USA and should not be treated this way I paid my dues its time for a refund..

Mr. Burkett

Elite is scared here is why

Just seen post that said that they are activating the Fema camps these are going to be used to detain the citizens if they protest and they are starting early cause they know if they dont then there One World Order and plans to depopulate will fail but thats good news that we are winning to get Ron Paul in office to stop this nonsence.. Just sayin.. If you watch the news dont beleive what they say cause they are doing nothing but brainswashing you dont beleive me do your research before you bash my reply.. Have a good day and see everyone when the fight is over and peace is in order with the bankers and crooked politicians including clintons,bush's and Obama's.. there is many more but they will get theres the American people including me will make sure of it.. Once this gets all fixed and we americans can live a better life without being over taxed and threated to lose our freedoms and the bad guys are in prison the world will be better place once again. Sorry just wanted to speak my peace after all its my right of freedom of speach that the goverment is trying to take from us as well.

Mr. Burkett

Ron Paul is toughest of all

He stands up to the REAL enemies - the bankers.


on target and you would see the people rise IN unison for him,the people on the side line would fall instantly behind him , we need this in him ,he has to take this to heart and you are right on the money ,exactly how i feel and if you campaign people for paul see this ,you must act on this way to knock them out fast we all are waiting for this to happen NOW

wayne laupert