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Michele Bachmann turns down Trump Debate


DES MOINES — Another one bites the dust.
Michele Bachmann has officially said “no” to the Donald Trump-moderated Newsmax debate scheduled for later this month.
“We have confirmed that we are not participating,” Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart told ABC News on Thursday.

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How can Bachmann turn this

How can Bachmann turn this down after brown nosing with Trump for so long?

Ron Paul leads the way!

Don't you know that if Ron Paul hadn't turned the debate down and turned it down hard, the rest of them would have accepted. He didn't just stay out, he made it so that the rest had to stay out too.


The boss?

Love It, Love It, Love It!

Ron Paul 2012, The People's President! We are so proud of you Dr. Ron Paul! So who is attending or should we ask who is NOT attending? Looks like Trump is fired. I am sure they will have to cancel the debate now because it is no longer a debate.



Copied Rons reason too.