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The Despicable Behavior of "our" Government (it's certainly not mine.)

American troops serve purely as cannon fodder for the US government, who despite flowery speeches, parades and clichés, couldn't care less about them. We found out today that the remains of 247 troops were dumped in a landfill in Virginia!




The best thing we can do for our troops is to support Ron Paul for President. He is the ONLY anti-war candidate running. Every other candidate is a warmonger who isn't happy unless we are killing our kids somewhere around the world. He is the ONLY candidate that acknowledges that the President does not have the authority to declare war and to send our troops into battle around the world without the Congress declaring war, as both Bush and Obama have done.

Donate to the Ron Paul money bomb on Dec. 16th!!!! Not only will you really be supporting the troops, but you will be giving your country the best Christmas present possible!

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