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Very Dark Forces At Work - Don't Give Them Your Negative Energy Thoughts or Feelings

Ever feel like something is dragging on your leg and you don't know what it is?

What's dragging you down is an energy mind sucking bomb....it's all energy created by a thought. Don't fall into the negative thinking trap of crap.

We are all creations of THOUGHT - thinking creates energy and sets itself into motion. Just thinking about something can create a shift in energy...and the results can manifest into reality.

That is why it is so important to ignore the dark thoughts...what we THINK can literally happen - for good or bad, which is why we should always try our best to THINK POSITIVE and IGNORE the negative Nelly's at every turn.

Ignore the negative news. Ignore the media. The more you ignore a negative energy, the more it wants to gravitate to you. Opposites attract.

The Laws of Physics are fascinating...but I relate to the, "Thought Energy," issue on a more spiritual basis...

We are souls (energy) MANifested into sentient human beings.

Energy can not be created nor can it be destroyed....it always goes somewhere.

What we literally think and dream of has the power to change the world.

So dream out loud, and never let the bastards get you down for that is what they want and desire most.

Positive thought is the essence of PRAYER. It has the power to shift energy toward what is good and right.

So when you turn the lights out this evening, just remember to say a prayer before bedtime for Goodness sake.

Goodnight, and may God Bless all of you who have earned such a blessing through your positive thoughts and actions.