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Herman Cain Forums

I was checking out hermancainforums.com to try and talk to people about Ron Paul. This is apparently the site that had 18k members, and the site founder endorsed Ron Paul. Well, now, except for the name of the site and Cain's picture, you wouldn't even know it was a Cain website. It's all about Ron Paul now. It's like the DP... there's a Ron Paul video section, a Ron Paul's policies section, everything! It's awesome! Way to go Cain supporters!

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I find this pretty hilarious

2 : This site is a fake website.

Really? So I assume what we have been doing here since May has been a figment of everyones imagination? Let me get this straight, A few grassroots people spend money, time and effort to set up a website shortly after Herman Cain announced he was running for President, and host 2 money bombs for him that raised money for his campaign. so by this logic, we would have had to know that Herman Cain who hadn't even had not even been polled would become a frontrunner, and also know that he would have a huge media smear job done on him and also that he would drop out of the race before the first state even votes? Michele Bachman would have been a better bet considering she won the Iowa straw poll. I guess I should be playing the lottery considering I can see that far in the future. This weeks powerball number will be 4 13 16 29 43 and the power ball is 17 I encourage everyone that believes this to bet every penny they have on these numbers.

but is it real?

Is there any evidence of these 18k members?

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.