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Ron Paul Interview with Megyn Kelly, Fox News 12-09-11

Ron Paul Interview W / Megyn Kelly, Fox News 12-09-11, 1:30pm ET

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News on Friday, December 9th at 1:00 pm Eastern.

thanks to theczar1776 for the link


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"I don't think we'll be playing any golf this afternoon," haha! Oh Ron Paul...I'll vote for you just because you're funny.

Tough as Nails

I think this was a great shot having the interview in the outdoors cold weather. Truth is, Ron Paul is in great condition and health. Look at the pace he has been going at. No question that at age 77 he is competent to be be President. There is not much being put out negative about his age so far, so this just is more proof in the pudding that Ron Paul is one tough hombre.

By the way

the next time RP is asked about whether he is going to run third party...he should ask why they are so concerned and why they are promoting the NEWSMAX debate so hard if Donald Trump is considering running third party.

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.
Thomas Jefferson

Where liberty is, there is my country.
Benjamin Franklin

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.
G. Washington

3rd Party

I think Newt would fit just fine to be in the 3rd Party. Better ask Newt he is poised for it. BCuz Ron Paul has answered this silly question a thousand times. Seems MSM has trouble of understanding the two letter answer spelled as NO.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

She has an earpiece @ 8:15

She has an earpiece @ 8:15 she has someone in her ear saying NEWSMAX not Trump debate.

"Spit" in her ear

That is an interesting observation and most of us wouldn't have known, other than she had a very slight moment. It is very obvious when they "spit" in her ear, as the distraction threw her off for a moment and she stumbled on her words a bit. But, these people are professionals at what they do and her recovery was immediate.

Just imagine, well I don't think you have to imagine as they do it, the subliminal programming going on as well on the major media programs. The commentators spew out their words of deception and I am sure if one studies the backdrops there is some subliminal stufff going on as well.


Great catch hilt.

Paul needs to rock the threads

Dude was looking great with that overcoat. He would look mighty presidential if he stepped up his sartorial game.

Anyway, it might not have been exactly 7 degrees where he was standing. Those lights they use can be pretty hot and if I were one of his handlers I would've made sure there was some kind of heat source radiating on our guy if they were going to do a 10 minute interview in the cold like that.

The cold

Like an earlier poster...I bet this was psychological. Couple of things going on here. The campaign probably requested him to be in the cold. It appeals to the sympathies in human emotion and actually does him a service for standing strong and making his point in extreme conditions. Same idea as a soldier standing his ground in "Band of Brothers" on TV or something similar. Second, Ron knows this and comes out looking like a beast even with the Rudolph nose with the points he makes (which he OWNS this interview despite the weather) to the people who see through psychology of television...resilient as ever Dr. Paul.

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.
Thomas Jefferson

Where liberty is, there is my country.
Benjamin Franklin

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.
G. Washington

Disrespectful in the cold

I thought it was very disrespectful to have him in the cold. The whole campaign has been one of shameless insults and indignations to this good man: 89 seconds would have been too long in 7 degree temps, the good Dr. got more than 8 minutes.

I truly feel that America's last chance resides with Ron Paul.


Why in the world do they have to do an interview out in the freezing cold? Those of us who live in cold weather states know it's not good to stand out in the freezing cold. This just doesn't make sense to me.


for those who do not live in cold country, if the sun is out, it still feels warm. lol I used to snow ski in my t-shirt.

Personally, I like the questions because he has time to explain (field) them now. Why softball anything?


Poor Guy, RON Stay Warm and

Poor Guy, RON Stay Warm and Stay Health For The American People. RON PAUL 2012


I did some research reports on Reagan and how he actually won. Bottom line, he saw how the parade was running and just got out in front of it. We now have a parade of enlightenment and Ron Paul is definitely in front of it.


The Doctor...

...needs to watch giving these types of interview out in the cold, unnecessarily breathing in the cold during an interview like that. He's all over the place and needs to be more careful to not get sick.

I noticed at the end.....

she mentioned Ron Paul was "one of the first" to decline going to the Trump debate.

Was he not THE first?

Now others are following his lead.

Huntsman was, by a hair.

Huntsman was, by a hair.


we need you on our side. Pull a rogue and flip the bird at FOX and join us.

She did frame the question about the wars in a reasonable way.

When she mentioned Iran, she didn't use one of those sneering expressions like the others do, that make it sound like he's just in denial. She has had some good interviews. I don't think it's any surprise or negative thing, that she has an earpiece. It didn't seem to be a factor in the interview.
As for the cold, I am from the same metropolitan area as Dr. Paul and I thought he did a great job remaining articulate in that cold. The few times I have been in such cold weather, my lips get to where they won't form my words and my nose starts to run. He is a tough guy, and I think it was good that people could see that. Oh, and that's another think about Megyn Kelly. She made sure everyone knew the conditions he was dealing with. It almost seemed to me, there was someone at Fox who wanted him at a disadvantage and she turned it around on her own.

I was wondering why the poll

I was wondering why the poll seem off and biased against Ron Paul then I saw it was from Fox's faux poll that's why. Fox is really desperate to break down our presidential candidate Ron Paul interviewing him in the cold. What's next? C'mon Megyn stop droppin that 3rd party trick, Ron Paul will be and should be if we want to restore sanity in American politics the GOP nominee to challenge and change the current administration.

We had enough promises for change, promises for stopping war, promises for better future, promises for more jobs, promises for not bailing out corporations we all know what happens to Obama's promises it just stayed as it is PROMISES.

Ron Paul shows some resiliency even though he is exposed to a very cold weather. Fox's Megyn next time please stop the bias by having an unusually high polls (who knows how those polls come up, and for all we know that was just stage) polls are used as a tool to distort reality and what is really happening, it's better for you to report just facts, the message, the track record of a presidential candidate without any opinion or biased. That will greatly improve FOX's tarnished reputation as a propaganda media machine.

By the way we never see this type of aggressive questioning being thrown to Romney or Newt? Why is that?

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Megyn Kelly


"Ron Paul is notoriously anti-war."

The Great Ron Paul Says What He Means, And Means What He Says

...absolutely the best statesman in 150 years, bar none!

Good for RP!

He says exactly what I (and many Americans) think -- NEVER wishy-washy and NEVER panders! Great interview!

Even though...

he couldn't move his frozen lips!

Just LOVES me some Megyn Kelly

On the outside she adheres nicely to the Golden Ratio of classical beauty, but on the inside her mind is all cattywampus and irregular.


she's awesome

Hmmm...I am starting to like Megan more and more.

Despite the fact that she is a corporate barbie doll.

Ron Paul seems to do very well every time he's interviewed by her. And let's be honest, she's hot!

stop it!

shes mine...lol

What a tactic! Keep him out in the cold!!

That's evil!! I think that was a trick to try and get him sick!! I hope Ron doesn't do that again! But who knows... hopefully he's smart enough to eat and excercise to keep healthy.... And if he gets sick make sure to have onions around your house, that'll keep you from getting the flu.