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Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights @ Des Moines Register Iowa GOP Debate - 12/10/11

YouTube - Many thanks for this important work for the benefit of the community to DPer and YouTuber SaveOurSovereignty(3).


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ABC News, Yahoo! News, WOI-TV, the Des Moines Register and the Iowa GOP are sponsoring the 12/10/11 GOP debate, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC and will stream online.

ABC News Article - Going Nuclear On Newt

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Great Debate performance...


My mother is a boomer and

My mother is a boomer and considers herself a left leaning independent. She watched this debate. She is now a believer. She called me about a half hour before it ended and said that Ron is the only one who makes any sense and he has her vote. My fiancé, who has never voted, is registering to vote for Ron. Still working on the rest of the family and they are starting to come around. I have been fixing to leave the us for greener pastures for several years now but will stay if, no when, he wins. His message is finally starting to resonate with average joes and the media and ptb are going to be in for a big surprise when the primaries start Rollin'. This debate made me cry and gave me so much hope. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Indeed christmas is here!


That was amazing...

That was amazing...


Dr. Paul was very smooth and easy to understand. I have seen all of his debates this year and I believe this is one of his best.


Ron Paul is John Connor.

I'm addicted to this video. I can't stop watching from 12:20 onward. It's genius. This is Ron absolutely schmoozing 7.6 million people at once. Even Ron's opponents love him. Feel the flow Ron! Feel the flow! He's firing on all cylinders. This was as close to perfection as Ron has been in the debates so far. He's about to put it all together. Fox better just try and moderate fairly. None of this propping up Newt crap that my heart/head tell me they're going to do. Ron Paul you are the ultimate role model. You make us all believe. Double your security. I'm personally volunteering to be your taste tester's taste tester.

DP has blown up with comments

DP has blown up with comments and members over the past 15-30 days. I welcome the newcomers!

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Who's John Connor? Ron Paul is RON friggin' PAUL!!!

But you're right: "Feel the flow! Feel the flow!" :)

Final, genius comment by Dr. Paul at the debate:

"I work on the assumption that freedom brings people together. And if you understand freedom, it's based on tolerance and non-violence. So if it's tolerance, it should be bringing all kinds of people together, and that's following our constitution. We shouldn't be fighting among ourselves. We shouldn't be fighting in Washington because if we all take the same oath of office- where is the fighting coming from? Someone is messing up somewhere. So I would say that with persistence I think we can all prevail and come up with the right answers. "

John Connor from the Terminator

Funny I've referred to him as

Funny I've referred to him as the leader of the resistance, maybe it'll catch on!

Raleigh, NC

NCMarc's picture

Been watching MSNBC all morning..

It's all NEWT, ROMNEY, NEWT, ROMNEY. No mention of Ron Paul.

They were being nice to him and trying to get us all happy he did well and not pay attention what they are doing now.

The black out continues.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

You're just watching them self-destruct

as more and more people see the awful disconnect between reality, where Ron Paul obviously wins a debate, and the MSM, paid for and controlled by the totalitarian war machine.

Ron Paul In The Clutch...For The Win!

There is no one better on gods green earth than Ronald Ernest Paul..The greatest statesman in 150 years.

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Ron's Stellar Performance

I'm doubling my donation next money bomb!

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Could Diane be any more slow

Could Diane be any more slow and drag out her questions. spill it sister!

The most watched debate!

Hey guys, guess what? This debate was the most watched debate out of all the debates in 2012! How awesome is that? At a time when Ron Paul does his best? It was watched by 7.6 million people!


Ron just won Iowa

That was beautiful. There are so many older Iowan's who's only source of information is the television. Dr Paul just captured the entire audience. I was really surprised to see Perry and Romney complimenting Dr Paul. He just won over the undecided viewers (who are the majority).
I am so happy.


Why are they all of a sudden giving the man the respect he deserves?

I'm glad. This debate was like a wet dream or something... it's just a little weird and unexpected, that's all.


Despite the fact that Dr. Paul is not the most fluid speaker, I have to say since 2007 (when I was made aware of him), every time he speaks I get charged. It is SO REFRESHING to hear intelligent, well-informed, truthful responses. I always get the sense that this is a true statesman speaking and a man that will be remembered throughout history. I really hope enough of our population catches on, because if not, what a wasted opportunity this is...

This man is so inspiring!

In love, liberty and truth,
RON PAUL 2008 & 2012

Help Ron Paul

We can’t just support Ron Paul on YouTube…
(*it is very easy!!!)

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

With A Little Help From Our Friends


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All caps are a no-no and are hard on our eyes.

We SHOULD reach out by phone, brochures, DVDs, e-mails,
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Do your friends and family know what you know?


Watch 4:52 One More Time

Congressman Paul took the "marital fidelity" issue and turned it
into an "honor your oath of office" issue without insulting Newt.
He actually ran a little interference for Newt as a true gentleman
should. He has come a long way and brought his integrity and
manners with him. I love this man. Watch what a wonderful job
he did with that question. Actually, he is NOT a politician but, a
true statesman. God Bless Ron Paul, no matter what happens.

Now, let's get him to Occupy The White House. Many will never
see these wonderful videos we get to view on-line. Someone
needs to put a handful of Ron Paul clips on a DVD and make
them available cheap for our friends and family to see.

Someone did:
"Ron Paul 2012" DVD Now Available for a dollar or two.

"Let it not be said that we did nothing." Ron Paul

Please, Vote Up this comment so folks will know where to get
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Do your friends and family know what you know?


They're "good friends",

They're "good friends", Paul's just being a good wingman. Gotta love to see him get a brotha's back.

Raleigh, NC

Gingrich and paul good friends?

Being as gingrich was behind trying to keep Paul out of his senate seat, i seriously doubth that. And, if that were true i dont thing showing the fangs with the two HARD hitting gingrich videos suggests that either. What it did show, as others state, was that your personal character is important and its that personal charachter that will guide you in your pursuit of your oath to the people and america. The very subliminal message was, don't vote for this guy because he will promise one thing yet do another much eviler thing.

the future

do you think that maybe in the future a religion will form from the ideas of ron paul and maybe considered the second coming of christ christ in his kingly form (if he wins presidencey) just a thought

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Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)

Ron Paul

As always Ron Paul makes me proud to be an American and once again in this debate Ron Paul makes me proud to be a supporter of his presidency.


I have to admit...ever since I realized the merits of Paul's views and became a supporter I've gradually become more and more biased towards Paul in judging debate performances. I can't tell if I am once again succumbing to my bias, or if I've just seen Ron Paul ABSOLUTELY KILL IT in this debate.

Hearts and Minds

I agree!! I think he won over a lot of people's hearts and minds in this debate! Fantastic job and I have been critical of some past debates. Ron Paul is on FIRE!!