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How to FLIP the Foreign Policy objection around

"Well I can agree with Ron Paul on a lot of things but that foreign policy bothers me."


Here are my REPLIES that spin those people around:

1) The "YOU ARE RIGHT, Reality will set in" Reply. "You are right to worry about that. That is a real worry some people say they have. But you know, I don't worry about for the simple reason that reality will set in once he's in office. You and I both know is true. At our age we have seen it over and over again. We even saw it with Ronald Reagan. A new president may want to take the political football 100 yards down the field and get what he has dreamed of - and promised his supporters- but he soon gets tackled by reality. Obama swore he'd close Gitmo--didn't happen. Ronald Reagan swore government was the problem and he'd cut government by half. Well you and I are old enough to know that reality always sets in. SO my guess is, and of course tell me if I am wrong, but a President Paul will be dam lucky if he closes just one military base out of the 700 he wants shut down. So frankly, his foriegn policy doesn't bother me in the least. That is why I am voting for him."

2) The Bases are already closing on schedule anyway" reply; You are right to worry about Paul's foriegn policy of closing down those 700 military bases. But you know the military has already closed down the base in the Philippines and we are leaving Okinawa in Japan. Most of all, not one Joint Chief of Staff, not one General has said that America is in any danger because of it. If Ron Paul got 1 based closed each year he was in office, we'd have 696 bases left. So I am not worried at all. The military probably has plans to close those 4 down anyway. Its all a game. But he may actually veto some Spending bills, that he CAN do, and for that reason, I am voting for Ron Paul."

3) The military moves at its own pace reply: You know I was fearful of that myself, then you know I sat back and really thought about it. Closing 700 bases? In 4 years? Impossible. Simply impossible EVEN IF everyone agreed. So the reality is, he will be lucky if one or two close by the end of his 4 years. So now I don't concern myself with it. I really like the fact that he would keep the Bush tax cuts and his track record is clear. He would veto all spending bills, so yes, I am voting for Ron Paul."

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