Huckabee Takes Unfair Shots at Paul

By John Fout Political Correspondent

Thursday, Huckabee called Texas Rep. Paul's comments during the debate "ludicrous" and "unacceptable." The former Arkansas governor conflated a previous debate comment with Wednesday's debate to suggest that Paul blamed America for 9/11.

Has Paul made "ludicrous" statements? I decided to look at what he's said in the debates and do some fact-checking.

Wow. Thank you John Fout, for also speaking up and not being afraid of telling the truth. Not to be a spoiler, but this is how the article ends:

So, were Paul's comment ludicrous and unacceptable? Hardly. The record from the debate is clear: Paul has his facts straight. I'm not sure this can be said for the other candidates on the stage Wednesday night.

Read the article here. Click on the link. Forward it around. Send the some traffic. They'll take note. Write to John Fout, and thank him.

Thanks CAeditor4Paul for spotting the link.

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Ron Paul Has GUTS, Bush & Dems, don't

RP's best "fast come back" against Huckabee...and anyone else....

RP to Huckabee, "Your head may be filled with honor, but your stomach needs the Guts to end the war. Its time to declare victory and come home."

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Old Earth vs. Young Earth

That is not something you should belittle Huckabee on. There are a lot of Christians who believe that the evidence points to a young earth. Of course, if you went through a public school education, you were only shown one side of the story because the government determines whose viewpoint you may see and fails to show the weaknesses in the theory of the old earth. Case in point. Mt. St. Helens erupted. In a matter of a weeks time a "Grand Canyon" one tenth the size of the real Grand Canyon was made. Trees floating in a upright position in the water were being deposited at different layers of rock and mud. A worldwide flood as told in the Bible (and in many other people's stories) could easily have left the "evidence" that some scientists use for their theory of age based on layers. The fact that I find fossils of sea creatures in the middle of Missouri in the Ozark mountains means that these mountains were once under water. There is more evidence for a young earth that there is for an old earth whose proponents use circular reasoning to come to their conclusions. Do you know why the first craft sent to the moon had really long landing "legs?" It was because of the old earth theory. Without an atmosphere, the scientists believed that the dust on the moon would be extremely thick, so they designed a craft with tall "legs" so that the space craft wouldn't be under the dust when the it landed. When they arrived, the dust was very sparse, in keeping with a young earth theory. I happen to be a Christian who was taught evolution and the old earth theory in a private school. Since becoming an adult and homeschooling my ten children, I have become so much more educated. As I search out the truth, vs. the propaganda fed me through my government approved textbooks, for my children, I have learned a lot too. A great resource run by scientists.

Fanatism in Gods name

To say that the Earth is only a few thousand years old is NOT a religious statement! It is a factual statement about our physical reality, and it is evidently wrong.

Persons who maintain that such a claim is true even in the face of all evidence, and who somwhow mixes religion into it, are probably the same kinds of "religous" fanatics who, in islamic countries, become suicide bombers. They are obviously victims to some sect which take advantage of people with some need for belonging. Any group of people who seriously claims that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, will be rediculed by everyone sensible. That isolation and humiliation might be an effective way to create an identity and a "team feeling". And after having convinced followers that the Earth is flat, or whatever, it cannot be so difficult to convince them to do anything, including committing suicide, for the profits of their leadership.

Circular logic?

Well Libertyinmo, you may want to keep on schooling until you find more accurate answers. Circular logic, based on your claim, is much more the case. Let's find what we like and have believed based on the books we've read, and figure out a way to make it make sense. I have a little trouble believing that there were T-Rex's running around 6,000 yrs ago. Perhaps all of those bones I've seen were just placed deep underground just to fool us into thinking the planet is older.

As for public schools, thankfully I don't depend on the information they provide.

We'll have to agree to disagree, but glad to have your vote for Ron Paul. I know he's got mine.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Old Earth vs. Young Earth

Sorry for the double post. The site told me the first try wasn't successful

Article is prominently displayed on their home page

I thought it was a great article but figured it would be buried somewhere and you would only find it if you searched "Ron Paul" but not so. It is right there.

The world wide war room

It is interesting that Clinton won his slight popular majority, but electoral majority with a war room with Carville and co. there to answer every opposition point.

With Ron paul, the world wide web is the war room. Every attack, jibe, and untrue comment is answered - not with vitriol - but with truth.

And it is easy with a spinless candidate (most are instead spinEless). He speaks the truth, and lets people decide.

Huckabee in a Hole

Huckabee is in spin mode these days. If you saw the video of the exchange, when Dr. Paul hotly retorted that 5,000 lives were lost and asked, " many more..?" Huckabee physically moved, as though hit. He looked stricken. He lost the argument; the audience knew it and so did the other candidates and the moderators.

But Huckabee is not about to admit, "Yes Dr. Paul's argument had more substance than mine. I blew it." So, in the absence of solid facts, he attacks Dr. Paul. That's about all he can do now: blame the guy who showed him up.

Some sites are calling for a debate between Huckabee and Dr. Paul. Now that would be fun.

Any more bromides,

And the EPA would have a new superfund site.

Honor is in humility. There is no honor in continuing to do stupid and evil things - the honor is in repenting and reversing.

Huckleberry's a genius!

Yeah, that's his cartoon name which is where he came from. I knew he was a genius from a previous debate when he stated the earth was 6,000 years old. Based on discovered facts, he's only off by about four and a half billion years.....kinda like how far his stances are in his campaign. His budget's almost done so he'll be gone soon....back to cartoonland.

But maybe we should have his grandmother run the Country as she apparently knows all.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Please email Charlie Rose and ask him to invite Ron Paul

Please email Charlie Rose and ask him to invite Ron Paul on his show.

Not a big Rose fan, but he has an audience.

Great idea, but...

Charlie Rose is a "made guy" which means he's an elitist and would most likely never have Dr. Paul on the program. He might include Dr. Paul in a round-table discussion, but probably not for a one-on-one.

What the media are learning is that they cannot win against Dr. Paul's reasoning. He exposes the lies in a thoughtful way, and this is (to many of the elites) intolerable. So the less they have to interact with him in a public way, the better for them. Their lies can be maintained.

Still, it would certainly be worth a shot. TV is driven by ratings to an extent, and a Ron Paul visit would boost the PBS viewer numbers.

Charlie Rose he has had past presidential contenders on. For instance, Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000. I do agree he is an elitist, but he is one of the dumbest elitist I have ever listened to.

straight facts

That is what I admire most about Ron Paul he knows his facts and he keeps them straight. The other candidates I believe are even dumber than Bush and I really didn't think it was possible.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Straight shooter

Ron Paul is definitely a straight shooter when it comes to the issues.

His intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

In these days of tabloid candidates, I truly have to pinch myself that we have a candidate running who knows the Constitution, sticks to it, and is not plastic.

Every debate so far, Paul's wisdom has out shown every other candidate on the platform.
I almost feel sorry for the media picked "top tier" candidates RudyMcRomney, because they seem and appear to be the dumbest candidates of the bunch, when stacked against Paul.
The soundbyte "top tier" trio have a very hard time deviating from a rehearsed chorus when the debates allow time for intelligent debate.

RudyMcRomney have offered up no more intelligence than a "ugh" in any of the debates so far. Now Huckabee is joining the club, with his feel good, warm and fuzzy sounbytes for continued policy failures.
Where did the NeoCons find these guys? What states would elect these guys out of the hundreds of potential leaders in their states.
It amazing how ignorant some of these guys are, with the history of their party and our country.

It's a no-brainer for conservatives in 2008, in my opinion.
Ron Paul in 2008 without a doubt or hesitation.