September 7, 2007 Message From Ron Paul

by Ron Paul
September 7, 2007

Has this been a hectic and encouraging time! First we got almost 17% in the Texas straw poll, an event set-up to represent the establishment, with very restrictive voting rules. That 17% of the Republican hierarchy would support our views, after a full day of pro-war propaganda, is good news. Then we won the more open Maryland Republican straw poll with 28%. In both cases, as usual, hard-working, well-organized volunteers made all the difference.

The Fox debate was a lot of fun as well. It's true that a few of the network people are not exactly with us on foreign or domestic policy (though one famous guy whispered to me that he is a libertarian), but the audience-with lots of students from the University of New Hampshire-was definitely fair and balanced, as their enthusiastic reaction showed.

My opponents called for more war, more torture, more secret prisons, more eavesdropping, more presidential power. Some seemed to identify the government and the people as if they were one entity. But you and I know that once the government moves beyond its very limited constitutional mandate, it is an opponent of the people, a rip-off operation that takes our money and our freedom and our social peace, and gives us a mess of statist pottage in return.

The government failed miserably on 911 to protect us, despite spending trillions. So the answer was supposed to be the giant, socialist Department of Homeland Security, protecting you and me from taking our toothpaste on the airplane. I was ridiculed for saying that the airlines, which know best how to protect their property, should have been allowed to arm their pilots. But then, you and I really believe in the Second Amendment. It is not just a political slogan for us.

When I discussed the blowback that came from us intervening on the Arabian peninsula, Chris Wallace asked me if I wanted to follow the marching orders of al-Qaeda. I responded that I wanted to follow the marching orders of the Constitution, and not wage undeclared, aggressive wars that cause us only trouble. This is a mystifying to some, of course, but not to more and more Americans.

There was much talk of taxes, and a pledge not to raise rates. But as usual, I was not allowed to discuss my lifelong pledge to abolish the income tax. Just holding the line, when the government takes such vast sums through an illegitimate guilty-until-proven-innocent system, is hardly enough. We need to slash taxes and spending if we are to have a future of prosperity for ourselves and our families.

After the debate, many young people gathered around the stage to discuss our ideas and ask questions about them (and to have me sign their badges). My colleagues got no such response, and after a few moments, "security" ordered me off the stage. Can't have any such demonstration of interest in liberty.

But the young are with us, and so are Americans of every stripe. Even party officials. When one of my opponent said it was OK to lose elections through supporting the Iraq war, that set party people's teeth on edge, and rightly so. The Republican party is shrinking. We need new people. It's either our ideas or President Hillary, and more and more people recognize it.

But the media, and everyone else, will be looking at fundraising totals at the end of this month. They'll judge us by how we do. And we need help to wage what we hope will be a full-scale, 50-state campaign. Please help me head into the next quarter fully armed to do battle for freedom, peace and prosperity. Make your most generous contribution https://www.ronpaul2008.c.... This Revolution is on the move, but it very much needs your support.



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RP on Health Care

I can not seem to sort out RP's position on Health Care except that he wants it given back to the people...I think. How does he propose that the poor and the elderly will have affordable health care?

Sean-he has stated in the

Sean-he has stated in the early 60's no one was turned away who needed health care that couldn't afford it. He cites himself working in a religiously run hospital as an MD for $3.00 per hour and they took anyone, regardless of inability to pay. This used to be true. I can tell you from experience before the government got involved and HMO's came into being, I got far better health care with insurance than I do now. Example: back in 1972 I had a very horrendous motorcycle accident. I was able to go to a top notch orthosurgeon immediately for back and legs, my portion of the premiums where negligible and I had private disability (med and disability prems under 2.00 per month), Got the best care and my share of the bill did not bankrupt me, I got 80% of my then salary and I was back to work in eight months. In 2001 under an HBO with premiums of 140.00+ per month and no disability, I went blind in one eye and needed a cornea transplant. My HBO pissed around for 9 months then left me high and dry and would pay nothing (said I could do fine with one eye). I'm an accountant who wears glasses and my good eye went bad. No one would do lasig on my remaining other eye in case anything went wrong I'd be completely blind. I couldn't drive or work. It cost me some $65,000-$70,000 to get my previously good now blind eye fixed (there were complications requiring numerous surgeries). My state disability of less than a 1/3 of my previous salary ran out after a year. I was forced to pay for all the medical bills plus living expenses for an add'l 9 mos after state disability ran out plus the first year's short fall in income. Thank god prior to this I had excellent credit. The doctors had to be paid up front so I managed by using up my savings, 401K and ingenious use of credit cards to cover everything but my debt was over $100,000. Went back to work 2003 making much less as I'd been out of the job market for so long. Can't qualify for a credit line as debt to income is too high even though I pay more on the cc's every month than I would a cr line. Same for a 2nd unless I go adjustable rate then when rates go up, I might loss my house anyway. I've managed to pay my cc's down to about $70000 but still have a long way to go. And needless to say, my credit's not so good anymore (too much cc debt) and I pay unreasonable interest rates. I could have sold my house to pay for all this but could never have afforded to buy another one at present rates. AND IM ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES! Believe me, government regulation only ruins anything it touches. Take a look at my myspace url below. You'll find irrefutable documented evidence this election is about far more than just health care. RP is the 1st candidate in my 37 years of voting who is addressing the real issues plaguing our government and our system. I completely disagree with his abortion stance. That no longer matters right now. Far more important issues afoot here. That's why I re-registered as Republican so I can vote for him in the primaries. Check out my url!

Sean-he has stated in the

Also, he doesn't just intend to do away with SS and medicare. Quit spending money on all our unnecessary non war wars and military presense in 130+ countries (just in Korea alone, we've been there for 50+ years), Cut way back on big government. Get rid of the IRS and Federal reserve and slowly phase out all these entitlement programs. Allow younger people to opt out of SS/med and choose medical health care and 401k plans for retirement, continue to pay from funds no longer used on empire building to those of us that are on ss/med or soon to be while slowly phasing out these government dependent programs. The government takes in just from legal corp income taxes 280+ billion/year. Plus a whole lot of tax revenues from other sources. Our nation could then afford to protect itself and it's borders, to cover slow phase out of entitlements, pay down national debt and so forth, Again, check out my url below for lots of documented information all in one place with information on where to start in doing your own research.

will freedom destroy our gov'mt services?

your question is an honest one, but it raises more than one issue.

1) up to the '70's HMO's were rare and insurance was largely private. doctor's housecalls were also not uncommon. then came the daddy government. the same phenomenon in health care also occurred with college tuition. government started its student loans program, and what happened? tuition rates have skyrocketed ever since. colleges, like medical care no longer was in a free market arena.

one important point to remember is that Dr. Paul represents ideals to shoot towards, like abolishment of the irs. in order to accomplish those landmarks, there has to be a turnaround of a very large, bloated system. that takes time - like having a truly balanced budget. the scare tactics of the corrupt "right" and left is to imply that overnight changes will take place. impossible. not only will resistance come from congress [in a Paul White House], but the people have become corrupted on "free" socialist services.

2) the other point to make regarding the fear of making a constitutional shift is that the mere fact that all government services are in effect the theft from one person to another. it is easy to be generous with someone else's earnings. we have in mind that we receive "services" from the government - but just try to un-volunteer your contribution to the cause, and see who comes knocking at your door. so regarding the loss of healthcare, live free, or die hard...

How difficult will be to pay

How difficult will be to pay for your health insurance , if you stop paying income taxes?


I think there are a couple of ways. First, Dr. Paul's position is to take the Federal government out of the mix. The states can implement health care on their own, using the existing models. As well, with open markets, then there might be competition among the various providers, which could mean a lower cost to the consumer. Most people who work for an employer have the money deducted from their wages, which is something different from income tax. This could still continue under a private system of health care providers.

A big part of the health care problem is the FDA and the price-fixing that goes on with the major pharmaceutical companies. The FDA has tried--and is still trying--to ban various dietary supplements, or to make them prescription only. As some of us know, the best medicine is preventive, so, with sanctions put on the FDA, not only would consumers have unrestricted access to supplements, the FDA's allegience to Big Pharma would be curtailed. This, one hopes, would drastically reduce the cost of medicines and improve health care generally.


Seems like doctors can get sued for anything. One way to make healthcare more affordable is to change the liability laws. I don't think people realize how expensive malpractice insurance is. In the same thought, I think all the records of doctors should be transparent. Shouldn't we be able to judge for ourselves how good a doctor is, how many screwups he or she may have made. They make health inspections available to the public for eating establishments, you would think that when you are allowing someone to cut you open, you would be able to get some background info on his or her past performances.

What problems do you see?

What problems do you see? Ron Paul will not prohibit anyone from giving financial aid to poor people in need of health care. It can be done without having the state as middleman, you know.

Anyway, I think that Ron Paul has said that health care for "the poor and the elderly", as you put it, would be one of the last of the government's many activities to be abolished. It would take a few years to reinstate the constitution and that process will not start with eliminating the very small fracton of the tax money that is actually used to support poor people in need of heath care (although in the end, even charity will be liberated).

Also, by cutting government spendings (i.e. taxes) and introducing sound money, many who the government today makes poor, would afford much better health care and pension plans.

have you read the Constitution?

If you have, I suggest you read "Not Yours To Give", an account of Davy Crockett in Congress. Also, "The Law" by Bastiat.

At some point, people need to wake up and realize it's not the duty of the state to meet the needs of the people, and to ascribe that duty to the state always results in misery. Society and the state are not the same. The state is only one of many institutions within society. Other institutions take care of the needs of the weakest among us, including churches, private charities, the family, and good old-fashioned neighborliness. These are the institutions we should be strengthening, not the nanny state. Bureaucrats make crummy Santas.

But, these actions have to arise from us, the people, not from the state -- especially not from Washington DC (or, even worse, the UN). The best "plan" a politician in DC can formulate here is to get the feds out of the charity-by-force industry. From there, it's up to us to restore our charitable institutions.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

proud to say i support ron paul

Dr. Paul was just wonderful, holding to his constitutional beliefs in a less than a fair setting during sept. 5th GOP debate in N.H. I can not begin to describe how repulsive i find several of the other GOP canidates and like millions of other Americans how disappointed i am in the media.
I could write pages on my dissatisfaction with our present White House and Congress and their total disregard of the constitution and the will and rights of the American people.
But i write this note to let Dr. Paul know that like myself there are millions of Americans who appreciate his efforts to fight the neocon mindset and to help restore our constitutional republic.
And as i have mentioned before, please consider using the Silver Bear Cafe to stay informed of current events - they do an incredible job of educating and telling the truth.


The Puppeteers

But you and I know that once the government moves beyond its very limited constitutional mandate, it is an opponent of the people, a rip-off operation that takes our money and our freedom and our social peace, and gives us a mess of statist pottage in return.

There is more to the story. Elite organizations such as Skull & Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderburg Group, the Aspen Institute, and others, wield extraordinary influence upon members of our government and high-ranking individuals in industry, the media, commerce and the Arts. These societies--masquerading as fraternal, educational or cultural institutions--have demonstrated their intent to destroy our Republic. It is through the influence of these societies that GATT, NAFDA, the WTO and the likely North American Union have moved forward. Their influence cannot be overestimated and our future as a Republic is in jeopardy

Of the presidential candidates, only four are not members of these societies: Mike Huckabee, Dennis Kuchinich, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul. All the rest are members of CFR, Bilderburg, or both. As well, Chris Wallace and Brit Hume are, similarly, "made" guys. And, as many of you know, Vice President Cheney was president of the CFR for a time, as well as David Rockefeller and other "privileged" individuals.

I am not suggesting that Dr. Paul mention these societies in his speeches or in the debates: that would marginalize him more than he is now. He is wise to stick to the issues. However, those of us who are out and about, talking with people about the campaign and why we favor Dr. Paul, would do well to bring up the CFR in our conversations. It is my hope that the CFR will, in the coming months, be perceived as a kind of "Klan" and its members revealed as pariahs to our Republic.

People need to go and read up on what Ron Paul is up against

May I expound a little further Zenpiper on the CFR. May I direct as many people as possible to see for themselves the elites and the kinds of things that go on and most people never hear about. I am posting a link to the CFR site itself and ask as many people as possible go there and read up as much as you can. The link I'm posting will take you to articles written about sovereignity and globalization. Go and read up on some of these and see the elites and intellectuals who not only dictate our foreign policies but help implement them into action. Who elected these people? Mind you there are 215 articles on this subject alone. Why?

Stop the CFR crap,the people

Stop the CFR crap,the people know what we`re up against.It is time to show the CFR what THEY are up against!

walter whitt

OK. But how?

If you have some good ideas, this would be the perfect time and place to post them. Apart from exposure, I don't know how any group or individual could possibly "show the CFR what they are up against."

So. Whaddya got?