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Getting Others to Consider Ron Paul and a Lesson about the "Lesser of Two Evils"

Greetings fellow friends of liberty! I have written below a brief essay of the lesson on voting for the "lesser of two evils" you can use to pursue your fellow Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to consider the positions of Ron Paul. I find it very important when talking to these folks to start with major policies and problems of previous administrations before mentioning the great Doctor's name. Please continue reading below, use this argument and frame it as your own. It is a very powerful tool to get others to consider the viewpoints and candidacy of Dr. Paul.

I consider myself a very conservative individual whom believes in freedom, liberty and the constitution. I immensely disagree with many of fellow Americans if you think that the Republican strategy should be to tread lightly with one another and hold hands just to beat Mr. Obama. While I do think that Mr. Obama has been a very poor president who has made a lot of poor decisions, I simply will not just vote for the “lesser of two evils,” nor will I hold any punches for any of the candidates. I think it is an atrocity that we accept just any candidate with an R to defeat Mr. Obama.

I implore you to look at the issues, I as a conservative hold near and dear to my heart: the economy, spending, government regulations and bailouts, the Fed, the use of military force and foreign policy, and the Constitution.

The Clinton presidency – attempt to reform healthcare through a massive national healthcare plan (glad this didn't succeed in the 90's). Various peace keeping wars such as Kosovo (Seriously how was our national security threatened? Careless and unconstitutional act via undeclared war. On a side note more US troops were killed during the Clinton years compared to Bush). Massive interest rate stimulus by the Fed continued from Savings and Loans crisis in the early 90’s (dot com bubble burst recession, Fed creates new stimulus, more on this with Bush). Agreement for NAFTA (a serious violation of the Constitution, established a multinational trade court with a higher authority than the Supreme Court!). Federal regulation championed by this administration requiring the removal of air marshals carrying firearms on flights. Regulation essentially no longer allowing the airlines to decide how to best protect their customers and passengers (opened the door up to security risk such as what occurred on 9/11, also opened up the door for the modern TSA).

The Bush presidency – Okay the previous administration is easy to oppose, Bush was great right? He ran on limited government, promised no nation building and no careless military intervention. Well let us see the results. Massive expansion of Medicare through the prescription drug act (limited government? Thanks for expanding the welfare state Mr. Bush and for ushering in an era of big government conservatism). After the economic dot com recession the low interest rate era under Greenspan/Clinton continued under Mr. Bush. It failed and caused the economic crisis in 2001. The Fed and departments such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were then cheered on by this administration after 2001 to push interest rates to very historically low levels (limited government? Freddie and Fannie were government sponsored companies). Now to the use of the military, we declared a war on terror (not a land or people by the way) and very quickly rushed into war with Afghanistan and Iraq without a declaration of war authorizing military action in these countries (no national building? Two wars with disastrous national building and Vietnam type guerilla warfare*. Mr. Bush did not act as a leader, rather he acted very poorly, he did not understand history and mistakenly lead the American people into what is going to be two individual decade+ nation building wars. A true conservative does not take rash actions rather they gather facts, inspect national security threats and goes to congress to declare war). Okay that was a long one, now onto BAILOUTS BAILOUTS BAILOUTS!! (limited government? So a president running on a limited government promise gives federal money to companies whom had made poor decisions to save them from bankruptcy and people call this conservatism).

The Obama Presidency – Healthcare expansion again (Yikes, wait three presidents and we are to believe that any of them had a truly different stance on healthcare?) Oh no the Fed again! Brief recap here well the low interest rates post savings and loans crisis failed and lead to the dot com bust in the late 90’s under Mr. Clinton, Mr. Greenspan and continued under Mr. Bush. So immediately again interest rates were pushed low, championed by Mr. Bush, Mr. Greenspan, and Mr. Bernake and the massive 2007-2008 recession hit. And of course Mr. Bush, Mr. Bernake and Mr. Obama decided to push interest rates to an all time historic low. (Did all of these candidates run for the same party???). BAILOUTS (seriously again? Were all three of these men of the same party). Military, now Mr. Obama promised to end the military conflicts so of course he did this by expanding cumulative troop commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention, another unconstitutional war in Libya and unconstitutional use of drones in Pakistan (do any of these men hold any conservative principles?)

So again I ask why should any of you vote for a candidate who claims to be a conservative? The country voted Bush to promote limited government and no nation building: we got more big government and more nation building. The country voted for Obama for his optimism of following the rule of law, a promise of no more international conflict and no more bailouts: we got more unconstitutional wars and more bailouts.

This is what happens when you vote for the “lesser of two evils”. You get exactly what you vote for, a candidate whom does not represent any of your true values. In 2000 the American public was afraid of Mr. Clinton’s national healthcare and nation building, so America voted for Mr. Bush as we got someone who “opposed national healthcare” but passes one of the largest welfare expansions for Medicare. After Mr. Bush anyone whom wanted to take a different policy of the Iraqi occupation was better and we got a politician who smooth talked about removing troops from Iraq, but removed few troops from Iraq and put many orders of magnitude more into Afghanistan and surrounding nations, Mr Obama. Now after Mr. Obama’s reign we hear many Americans saying we must have anyone besides Mr. Obama and must have a president whom refuses bailouts, undeclared wars, but most of all opposes Obama Care! Don’t do it again America. Do not vote for candidate whom opposes national health care but thinks it is a great idea to continue spending more money by marching into more foreign lands with more undeclared wars. Do not vote for a candidate who thinks any company is too big to fail. If you vote for the “lesser of two evils” you are doomed to get evil!

*Osama Bin Laden was a former CIA asset in the 1970’s and through the 1980’s. The CIA was thrilled to train and organize OBL and his group of freedom fighters, known today as Al Qaeda and the Taliban, for the purpose of starting a Guerilla warfare tactic type war against the Soviets to give them their “Vietnam.” Interestingly Afghanistan is known as the death of empires, because foreign nations and empires historically have failed to capture this area and the losses in battle lead to the collapses of empires going back to the time of Alexander the Great and its most recent victim the Soviet Union. Do yourself a favor go back to the 1980s and look up photos of Mr. Regan having tea with the Taliban in the Oval Office praising their efforts and dubbing them freedom fighters. Now Mr. Saddam Hussein, he was helped to achieve power through nation-building efforts of the US. Wow again do a little photo search and you can find pictures of Mr. Ragan shaking hands with a former “ally” Mr. Hussein. A little more history, can you guess which nation has suffered the second most casualties behind Japan from WMDs, the answer Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in which Mr. Hussein used his inventory of US bought WMDs in the 1980s.

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