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The RISE of Ron Paul! SGT promotes Dec 16th Money Bomb!

Hey guys,
Sean of SGTreport.com, and YouTube channel SGTbull07 answered the call of promoting Ron Pauls money bomb. For those of you that have never heard of SGT, please check out his site and channel, you will not be disappointed. With a subscriber base of over 22,000 loyal listeners on his YouTube channel alone, Sean does some of the most amazing interviews and documentaries pertaining to the freedom movement.

In his latest interview with Bob Chapman, he promotes the December 16th money bomb. Listen to the whole interview if you can (part 1 and 2), but specifically for the Ron Paul part skip to 9:55 on this link:


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Glad To Hear It

Everywhere I go lately I am seeing ron paul banners, signs etc. He is WAY MORE accepted this time versus his last 2 presidential runs.

His time has come and we are lucky enough to be alive during the next rEVOLution!

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I checked out his site. It's cool!

Registration for Republican Bomb, 12-11-11 to 1-12-12! Pledge now at http://RonPaulResupply.com

MP3s on YouTube drives 100000+ hits for Ron Paul !! :


Let's not have complaints about it starting to early this time

I mean who really cares if it starts around 9pm or even 6pm the day before I mean it's going to the same place, let's keep those thoughts away from screwing up anything with this money I'm sure it's tough enough already to get the computers working properly during this time.

SGT... True Patriot

I got into Ron Paul when I began to really study the economy in 2009. All these articles, YouTubers, and Silver & Gold guys kept mentioning Ron Paul. SGT is one of those. Awesome work he does! Here is my favorite video he's made featuring Ron Paul:

For great Ron Paul signs, banners and stickers check out: http://stores.ebay.com/8-POINT-INDUSTRIES/RON-PAUL-STUFF-/_i...