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Foreign Policy Thought

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The other candidates all agree that Washington should stay out of local state affairs, because the state knows what is best for the state. No one wants our government telling us what to do.

If Washington should not try to federalize decisions for states in the U.S with American citizens, how could Washington expect to do better with foreign states with vastly differing cultures and norms?

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Good thought!

Good thought! I don't think that all the other candidates agree that Washington should stay out of state affairs though but there's definitely a connection. What Washington does with "foreign aid" which is a bribe to keep other nations obedient to Washington by first paying it then threatening to withhold it if the leaders of other nations don't do as Washington commands is the exact same thing that Washington does with the states. If the states don't set their highway speed limits where they are told Washington threatens to withold road funds. Why don't the states jsut pay for their own roads. In many ways Washington rules the world through the power of the purse strings starting with the states and going all over the planet.

The constitution says that those powers not specifically delegated to the federal government are left to the states but the states gave them up for the bribe money Washington gives. So yea, ending Washington's domineering lordship over the states would go a long way toward ending the empire and restoring our republic.