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Looking for the right Christmas gift?

Are you tired of looking for just the right gift for the people in your life? This time of year, we spend so many hours and dollars in pursuit of the gift that will be most useful or meaningful, only to include a gift receipt in case our loved one wants to return it.

I have the perfect solution for you.

Give your loved ones a gift that will never wear out-- a gift that will mean more in their lives than even they might guess. Give your parents the gift of security. Give your children the gift of prosperity. Purchase for all your friends and family the gift of Liberty. Give to the entire nation a new lease on truly American Freedom, by donating as generously as you can to Dr. Ron Paul's Tea party Money-bomb on December 16th! What better gift can you give than the hope of restoring America now? Join me in scratching out every quarter, ever dime, ever nickel-- scrounging even for crumbs to support Dr. Paul's historic Presidential Campaign. Together, we can invest in the gift of America!

On December 16th, we can send shock waves through the Establishment and tell them in one, loud and clear voice-- "Your day is over. A new day is dawning upon this nation, and it will soon burn away the fog of your night forever."

Friends, the best gift you'll give this year is the hope that, once again, Liberty will reign in America!