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'Ron Paul effect' has GOP worried

Given the erratic state of Republican politics these days, don't be surprised if a libertarian polls well — very well — in the January primaries.

Ron Paul won't win the Republican presidential nomination, much less the White House, but he is primed for a potentially big run in Iowa and New Hampshire: states that can give a boost to underdog, outsider candidates. Should this happen, Paul can push the Republican Party further toward his libertarian views.

Iowa Republicans are not libertarians, but they are uneasy with embracing Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, and they are very conservative. Hawkeyes detest Obama's health care law, the Departments of Education, Energy, HUD, and Commerce, public broadcasting, and support for the arts. All of which Paul would not just cut, but eliminate outright.

New Hampshire Republicans generally agree, but they are cut from more libertarian cloth (the state's motto — "Live free or die" — sends libertarians into rapture). Granite State voters, especially younger voters and independents, are pro-choice, support gay mar- riage and drug liberalization. They also want defense spending cuts, all of which Paul supports.

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It's funny that they think

that this is just "the Ron Paul effect".
Sure, Ron is the man!
But..., the reason this effect is getting so big is because of the "GOP effect" of producing the worst possible candidates and the worst possible policy platforms for pretty much as long as anybody can remember.
So, I think this might be better termed as "the rotten establishment politician backlash effect".
Or, the "desire for freedom from oppression effect".

It is absolutely amazing to me that these establishment con-men seem to be surprised when people start to reject their totalitarian game after so much abuse. It's like they thought they could go on forever, spitting in everybody's faces and grinding their boot-heels on our throats.

The "Ron Paul effect" - also

The "Ron Paul effect" - also known as "Winning!"

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Ron Paul "can't"

only applies in the context of whatever fraud & shenanigans will likely take place to stop him. This should be the year for the American voter to grow the hell up and vote for Ron Paul.


"Ron Paul won't win the Republican presidential nomination, much less the White House,"

Ah, but of course. He'll just continue to rise in the polls, raise tons of money and have a huge amount of grassroots support campaigning for him 24/7, but it's not like he could actually *win* or anything. Perish the thought!

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