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Ideas to raise money for the Super Brochure Project and other projects!

As an avid Ron Paul supporter who is following this whole primary process very closely, i really believe that this Super Brochure Project has influenced the good doctor's rise in the polls. It’s an incredibly cost-effective (yet still stunning in aesthetics) and unique way of reaching so many people. Moreover, it doesn’t just ‘reach’ people, i believe it opens their eyes to him.

And we can't afford to lose momentum on sending out these Super Brochures, especially when we head into New Hampshire and South Carolina and the other key early states. In fact, we need to build momentum in efforts like these before the Iowa caucus so that when Ron Paul wins it, his momentum in the other key early states will really take off because their previous held misconception won't get in the way of supporting him now that their eyes are opened.

Anyway, the idea is inspired by the Zimbabwe hundred trillion dollar bill which was signed and auctioned off for $1825!

So the idea is to get prominent people to sign Ron Paul merchandise or other things and auction it on ebay and have 100% of the proceeds go towards the project.

To have people like Jim Rogers, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell and celebrities like Vince Vaughn sign some stuff and have us sell it. Also, i'm not sure what the laws are in the US but even to get Ron Paul to sign some stuff would be fantastic.

This would make good money for people who can afford to pay for it and have already maxed out in donations to the official campaign but aren't really getting involved with some of the grassroots efforts. Can you imagine selling just 5 hundred trillion dollar bills signed by Ron Paul? The profits from just that would have the potential of reaching 15,000 voters!!!

But it doesn't have to be just to the network of Ron Paul supporters who we reach, it can be to local community members as well. Why not raffling gift baskets or Christmas hampers, or selling chocolates, or something else?…not the brightest ideas but you get the point.

As i live in Australia (don’t you just love Ron Paul’s international support), i'm not exactly sure how or if i can help, but i think it's an interesting idea to throw out in the DP forums and that we should be DISCUSSING WAYS TO RAISE MONEY FOR THIS AND OTHER PROJECTS