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All I want for Christmas is for people to donate to Ron Paul on Dec 16th!

New promotion campaign for the moneybomb! Try it! What do you want for Christmas? Tell everyone!
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Talked to my Mom today.

She's a recent convert to Dr.Paul and has also recently changed to Republican from Democrat so she could vote for him.

When I spoke with her a few days ago she asked "What do you want for Christmas?" I told her and she laughed and I could tell she kinda shrugged it off in her mind but I told her again to day and pinned her down on it. She said she would give and I asked how much.. So she'll give $100!

Most of my immediate family as well are donating and have recently come over as well.

I'm proud of them for seeing the truth.

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Tell your friends and family people!

Priniciple over Party!

That's exactly what I told my

That's exactly what I told my family.(They don't follow anything to do with politics)
I said any money you would spend on a gift for me,I want you to give it to RonPaul2012.I also said I want their promise to vote for Dr.Paul in the primary.That's what I am getting for Christmas.I always get what I want.lol

Me too, told the wife that she should donate to Paul

on the 16th as my Christmas present (did the same thing in 2007).


...and spreading the word!!!

truth liberate

We need to get this out!

I dont see nearly as much mentions for the Tea Party Moneybomb as I did for the Black this out bomb. I hope we can show everyone that we are willing to go the mile for our candidate. If we can get some good numbers, we'll see the burst of support the good doc has mentioned.

(btw, the link does not workl

Well I hope people will

Well I hope people will spread the word. One week!
Sorry about the link, mod banned it. Submitted it as a self post, try it now.