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Paul: Strict adherence to Constitution will remedy America’s ills

America strayed from the Constitution 100 years ago and by doing so caused many of the domestic and international problems facing the nation today.

The solution - bring America back to greatness by strictly adhering to the historic document.

That was the message delivered by Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas before a crowd of approximately 80 Saturday morning in the Fisher Community Center auditorium.

Personal responsibility, restoring individual liberty, property rights, the influence of special interest groups and effective use of diplomacy were other themes touched on.

Paul is running for the right to carry the Republican flag into battle against President Obama in the 2012 general election.


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""Yes he can win," Bailey said. "

"Bailey, Seebach and Pals are convinced Paul can win the nomination.

"Yes he can win," Bailey said. "His supporters are absolutely fierce. We're going to take it!""