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Ron Paul doesn't budge on Israel

December 7th, 2011
08:35 PM ET

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CNN's Diana Ozemebhoya

Washington (CNN) - GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul held his ground Wednesday against views that he is anti-Israel as he sought to explain his exclusion from a major gathering of conservative Jewish advocates his fellow GOP hopefuls addressed.

Paul was asked in a CNN interview to respond to remarks he made during last month's CNN Republican National Security Debate where he raised concerns about a continued U.S. military presence in Israel, saying, "Why do we have this automatic commitment that we're going to send our kids and our money endlessly to Israel? I think they are quite capable of taking care of themselves."

On Wednesday, he told CNN's Brooke Baldwin, "What you need to do is go and read the speech (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu gave on the house floor here a couple nights ago. He said, 'We don't need American troops. We can take care of ourselves.' That might be worth looking into it."

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I like to pose this question.

Everyone else on that stage favors torture, murder and indefinite confinement of US citizens. Ron Paul opposes torture, murder and indefinite confinement. Isn't THAT more important to you than whether or not he backs Israel in a conflict, when Israel's Prime Minister has has already told Congress, "We defend ourselves."

Turn the patriot issue onto THEM. That will shut up even the most die-hard neocon. If it doesn't suggest to them the emigrate, as they clearly care more about Israel than America.

Here's the real Israel question

To those who think RP is wrong on Israel,

We are friends with Israel. Great. Are you ready to commit our military, who have been asked of so much over the last decade, to fight World War III because Israel wants to attack Iran? Its one thing to run your mouth about attacking a country who could not lay a finger on you. Add China and Russia into the mix and then the U.S. will be in serious danger. Put up or shut up!

That is the real debate question. This is no longer a scholarly debate. This is a very real situation. Seems to me that the rest of the field, Obama included, is okay with sending more of our troops to get killed, still.

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"