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CBS NEWS: Iowa Debate: Winners and Losers

December 11, 2011 12:31 AM


Iowa Debate: Winners and Losers

Corbett B. Daly
Campaign 2012

Ron Paul

Paul is making major traction in Iowa and was able to clearly articulate his conservative, libertarian views in Saturday night's debate. Paul was able to get more air time than he has gotten in recent debates. At the end of the debate, when all the candidates were asked to praise something about one of their rivals, Paul was most frequently mentioned, especially for the consistency of his positions and for his sustained criticism of the Federal Reserve. The Texas lawmaker, who is critical of government involvement in any aspect of the economy, especially housing, also slammed Gingrich for taking nearly $2 million from mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac.

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Of course, they don't allow you to BLOG....

at their website! Although the comments were somewhat flattering, I totally disagree with his analysis that the GRINCH is the unequivocal frontrunner.

The author has a clear BIAS in wanting the GRINCH to steal the election, because as objective as I can be, we saw the CLEAR WINNER OF LAST NIGHT'S DEBATE, and it WASN'T the Grinch.

It was Dr. Ron Paul, hands down, and I'm not being subjective about it.

It was RON PAUL'S DEBATE last night, period.

MSM will always push for the third rail

They depend on the third rail/ RINO occupiers of the GOP to support nEWt (and protect their investment in endless wars).