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CBS video. Could Ron Paul be the next president?

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I wish our good...

... doctor would come down on these liars for hire like a ton of bricks when they bring the "electability" issue up.

Did you ever hear this being raised in the case of Huckster, Thompson, Giuliani, Perry (makes George Bush look like a genius), Sanatorium, McCain (wasn't electable after all, was he?), Cain, Bachmann, Trump (!) and Huntsman?

He must stress the fact that the others pander to the Religious Right and then when it comes to the more liberal states, they have no electability left.

He must stress that his support is deep and diverse, and that's where electability begins and ends. It is exactly his electability that makes the GOP so nervous and cause their water carriers in the media to question the possibility of his third party run.

"If I'm not electable, why all these questions about a possible independent run? You guys can't have it both ways."

Just make the statement boldly as a matter of indisputable fact. Don't even mention poll data. Just say it with emphasis. "My support is so diverse and deep, across party lines, that properly analyzed I am the only electable candidate."

Plano TX

RP Electable

All that needs to happen is to run a simple ad. RP walks into the shot and simply says that, "if everyone who does not think that I can win, or that I am not electable, would cast their vote for me - we'd win."

Frankly, he should say that when ever gets asked that question.

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"