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Ron Paul Song

PLEASE WATCH THE FIRST AND THEN THE ACOUSTIC VERSION>>>>The first is my favorite...if you agree please post it and make it go viral!!!



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This song is AMAZING

This is song is so good, it is worthy of national radio air play. As someone commented on youtube, this song alone could get Ron Paul elected.

Ron said himself that young people & music were necessary for a peaceful revolution!

Watch it--you'll probably end up buying it on iTunes. Aimee Allen's Ron Paul anthem is also excellent.

An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any man.

Ron Paul 2012; Elect a statesman, not a politician.

Ron Paul song

I totally agree...this song could unite and inspire...I really hope the campaign will get permission to use it in some tv ads...


I've listened to this several times and

I've listened to this several times and wondered "Why is this 'The Ron Paul Song'?" The video is certainly Ron Paul, but the song? It seems more like a good (U2 like) song, with Ron Paul video.

Can someone provide a bit of the background information?

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance