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ABC "This Week Sunday" "The Energy Is With Ron Paul" - Video



Video: Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa (thanks Epicurean Helvetic!)

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dont want to be too paranoid

but listen to this - because of the election season coming, Amanpour is now relieved of her duty from This Week show, while our favorite George Stephano...... will host the show now.
I am not saying it is due to some fair reporting on Ron Paul, but then who knows ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

George Will

I can't believe he mentioned the 3rd quarter donations from actual duty military. Mr. Will said Dr. Paul got more donations than all other Republicans candidates combined. I don't know the exact figures but I'm willing to bet he got 2-3 times more than all other Republican candidates combined. This is most positive thing I've heard Mr. Will mention that is related to Dr. Paul's foreign policy. He takes every opportunity to label Dr. Paul an isolationist (is it really so hard to understand the difference between an isolationist and a non-interventionist Mr Will? SHEESH). There was an opinion piece by Mr. Will in my local newspaper this morning in which he threw out the isolationist label again. This establishment shill is REALLY getting on my nerves. The theme of the article, by the way, was basically a hit piece to convince people that voting for Dr. Paul will hand the 2012 election to our current president. What a jerk.

i checked for that.

it's funny.....i had, when i first saw this, thought that she was waiting for him to say his name - and when he didn't - she was maybe reminded of exactly how lame her employer has become by purposefully trying to eliminate a candidate by not mentioning him/her.......so.......i was reading the same "vomit face" but i was thinking that it was due, not to having to say ron's name, but rather it was due to the fact that she was having to bring it up because the other guy "forgot" to mention ron.......get it?

George Slimeball Stephanopolous

Do you remember the fury we felt during the 2008 campaign, when George interviewed Ron Paul on ABC?

He asked, "What is your goal?"

Ron Paul said, "Well, to win."

Stephanopolous: "That's not gonna happen."

Well now it looks a little different, George.


ABC News has impressed somewhat over this past week as the lone mainstream tv media outlet that is displaying journalistic professionalism in it's coverage of Dr. Paul and the entire GOP campaign. They did a good job with Saturday's debate and their "This Week Sunday" segment was equally well done ... maybe some e-mails of appreciation are in order?

It's a trap man, ABC is a

It's a trap man, ABC is a mouth piece for the Obama administration. (Remember when George Stephanopoulos pulled the missing birth certificate from his pocket?)

Help Ron Paul

We can’t just support Ron Paul on YouTube…
(*it is very easy!!!)

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

MSM showing some truth

but please remember, if Ron does win Iowa, they will start giving the Huckabee example. the campaign needs to be ready with other examples, where the person winning Iowa, won the nomination and the Presidency.
This is just the start people, this is the first battle, and there are many more to come.
this just shows that if u want this to happen and if u put in effort, this thing can be done. Its time to push harder in Iowa and other early states.
Time to do all you can, be a Paulunteer !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

How about Obama?

How about Obama?

lets focus on GOP nomination first

then go on for a different strategy.
i m sure there are many people who didnt like the "change" they got !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

It's About Time

It's about time the media recognize Ron Paul and the people that work so hard on his campaign.

bigmikedude's picture

The look on her face at 44 seconds is priceless

Looked like she was going to vomit having to say his name.

Pass this on to everyone, we do not get the news, this

is the news!!

Ron Paul Will Have a Driver for You Caucus Night

LOL!!! Love It! Great Advertising.

o yeah, as we speak

we're gassing up the fleet :)

Mr. and Mrs. Iowan, Ron Paul Limos, at your service

It's like the lady said

Ron has a unique abity to inspire loyalty to him. If she just went one step further though...It's called patriotism!

pa·tri·ot·ism   /ˈpeɪtriəˌtɪzəm or, especially Brit., ˈpæ-/ Show Spelled[pey-tree-uh-tiz-uhm or, especially Brit.
devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.

Another internet Green Room video?

Another internet Green Room video? Big deal we are already voting for Ron Paul. This isn't coverage. We need TV coverage. Seems like we are fogetting that most of the non-decided voters watch TV. We are being fooled by the media becuase they are really only covering Ron Paul on the internet but on TV they are still ignoring him for the most part.

The lamestream media

... are so disgusting and reprehensible...

...that to call them "whores" is an un-deserved smear against the world's oldest profession. I never have and never will support that business, nor will I ever again support, read, listen, watch or participate in anything which the formerly "mainstream" but now totally IRRELEVANT media scumf*cks serve up in their useless worthless drivel.

Not being fooled, I suggest EVERYONE join me in a total permanent BOYCOTT of scum-media.

George P.O.S.nopolous is evil.

How is it possible for them to be anything but nice after last

Night? They would lose credibility. Shame shame on the lady and her foot of snow story. Yes we would go get someone is they needed a ride, but this is a grassroots campaign, there ain't no democrat/union funded busride to the polls.
Kinda hard to bash someone who says peace, love, togetherness, our freedom brings us together.
And Ron Paul is an expert on EVERY subject. I'd wager he has a very high IQ.
So admit it! Everybody loves Ron Paul, so where is the fight?

So was this aried on TV or.....

So was this aried on TV or.....are we getting excited about an internet video that only Ron Paul supporters have seen?

The media spin after a win in Iowa will be ..

When Ron Paul wins Iowa, I GUARANTEE you the media will immediately mention the Hukabee, and Robertson wins and state that those guys dropped out early.

One word reminder..."Obama"

Remind them that "Barack Obama won Iowa too"...that should shut 'em up...lol.

Was this aired on TV or on the internet.

Was this aired on TV or on the internet.
Just curious because we need to reach people that are still glued to TV. I hope this was aired on TV.
Thanks. Please respond.

It is call "CYA"...

The LAST thing the pundits want to see, besides a "Ron Paul nomination" is a "Dewey Defeats Truman" scenario. At this point, they don't believe they can stop a Ron Paul victory in Iowa, so they are regrouping their credibility in order to remind audiences on caucus night that Mike Huckabee won here four years ago and Pat Robertson won here in 1988 only to lose New Hampshire and drop out of the races early.

ABC giving love NOW? I feel

ABC giving love NOW? I feel like this is a different show than last night.. when after the debate they mentioned RP absolutely ZERO times almost inciting the hate mail they must have received. Where were these people last night? LOL Oh ya.. they were there.. but they were all being IDIOTS. Now they've come around? Hmmmm...

Campaign offices!

I think that showed us alot. Romney's campaign office in Iowa? 1 person at a table in a huge room lol. Gingrich's not even set up yet and Ron's was a small room packed full of people canvassing.

I would say Romney and Gingrich have zero ground game judging by their offices. This is super encouraging.


Not only does Gingrich have no ground game but his campaign is badly in debt, he is being carried by the media with massively overhyped coverage and rigged polls ... Romney has lots of bucks and is focusing more on New Hampshire where Gingrich has nothing going for him. The media is really pushing Gingrich in South Carolina and Florida where Perry will spend a ton of money, this is going to be interesting!

Gingrich probably got tipped

Gingrich probably got tipped off by the media.. that's why they hauled ass over there and setup.


he was like, "oh $hit!........i forgot to set up in the states that i'm on the ballot!......oh mother of god have mercy!....i shouldn't have had that last dozen donuts!"

Wait till 400,000 Super Brochures get sent out!

That's a ground game.